Best Westside Dive Bar (2012)

Cozy Inn

As in many big cities, the price of real estate in L.A. tends to be too high to permit dive bars to offer those rock-bottom "real dive bar" prices, particularly on the Westside. But Culver City's Cozy Inn at least gives you great value. Its specialty is super-generous, almost obscene pours. You know how if you order, say, a Jameson neat at most places, they give you what essentially amounts to a thimbleful of liquor? At Cozy Inn, it's more akin to a full highball glass. If you need further incentive, the space is large and homey-feeling, with an immaculate shuffleboard, pool, darts and ample parking. But we suspect we had you at "super-generous pours." 11155 Washington Place, Culver City. (310) 838-3826.

—Ben Westhoff

Location Details

11155 Washington Place
Culver City CA 90232


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