Best Hipster Bar for People Who Don't Identify as Hipsters (2012)


We've heard it argued that 1642 Bar is not a hipster bar, which we don't understand. Of course it's a hipster bar. It's just that the very definition of being a hipster is that you hate all things labeled hipster, for good reason: You want to avoid the hordes of wannabe hipsters finding your spots and ruining them. So let's just hope they never see this item, because this may be the very best hipster bar out there. Start with the exterior: It's just a door. You have to know that there's a bar behind it. It's also in an out-of-the-way neighborhood, so nobody will just stumble in without knowing the deal. Inside, one wall is exposed brick. The walls are decorated with old black-and-white photographs, and an old piano lends the space a vintage, rustic feel. The bar serves only beer and wine, and fairly obscure ones at that. (Give yourself bonus points if you recognize and have an opinion on more than half of the selections.) The menu is scrawled on a chalkboard behind the bar. The music is a special draw — obscure enough to be interesting, and soft enough to promote good conversation. Because let's face it: True hipsters are damn interesting. Unlike the phonies. 1642 W. Temple St., Westlake. (213) 989-6836.

—Gene Maddaus

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Location Details

1642 W. Temple St.
Los Angeles CA 90026


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