Best Ticket to L.A.'s Macabre Underground (2012)

Dearly Departed Tours

It's called the L.A. tour that locals like to take again and again, and with good reason. Scott Michaels (founder of hugely popular celebrity-death site and his dedicated and highly knowledgeable guides operate three tours that will give you a different and slightly morbid perspective on the city you drive around in on a daily basis. In comfy vans dubbed "Tomb Buggys," Dearly Departed Tours offers a "tragical history tour" — a lighthearted look into the dark side of Hollywood, including Bela Lugosi's modest apartment, where the Dracula star died penniless; Manson murder–related locations; the hotels where John Belushi and Janis Joplin spent their last nights; the house notorious gangster Bugsy Siegel died in; the house where the Menendez brothers murdered their parents; and even a bathroom break at Will Rogers Memorial Park in Beverly Hills, where George Michael was infamously arrested for lewd conduct. Movie clips, 911 calls and actual crime-scene photography accompany the tours, giving you a geographic retelling of murders, death scenes and more, sure to delight those more fascinated with how the famous died than how they lived. 6603 Sunset Blvd., Hlywd. (800) 979-3370,

—Liana Aghajanian

Location Details

6603 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90028


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