Best Race Track-Turned-Swap Meet (2011)

Saugus Speedway

Decommissioned in 1995, Saugus Speedway still seems haunted by hurtling stock cars, its peeling bleachers calling up visions of ghosts. Yet every few days it bursts back into life, albeit as a swap meet. On Tuesday and Saturday it's less crowded, but Sundays really get the deal-hounds drooling. Amidst the usual $1 knickknacks, knock-off T-shirts and endless bric-a-brac lurk some real scores. You might find vintage Doc Marten oxblood "oi" boots for $18, or, for $20, a Reagan-era data watch so ironically hip it could probably get you laid in Los Feliz. Indeed, the Santa Clarita Swap Meet has something of a split personality: On the main aisle, more established vendors hawk everything from custom spas to king-size beds, while hard up against the railway track, blankets are strewn with oily old tools, scuffed shoes and chunky hi-fi components sulking in obsolescence. 22500 Soledad Canyon Road, Santa Clarita; (661) 259-3886,

—Paul Rogers

Location Details

22500 Soledad Canyon Rd.
Santa Clarita CA 91350


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