Best Place to Monkey Around (2011)

Monkeyhouse Toys

These days, not only do kids love to play with toys but so do their parents. While Silver Lake's Monkeyhouse Toys might technically be geared toward children, the independent store and art gallery recognizes that adults are the ones spending the money, so they make sure to have a great selection of art, books and grown-up toys, too. While kids amuse themselves with games, puzzles, music-makers, plush toys and educational tools, moms and dads have plenty around to keep them occupied as well — namely, original paintings, collectible vinyl, clothing, household items and a series of customized Russian nesting dolls, to boot. Of course, Monkeyhouse Toys would be nothing without a selection of monkey-inspired playthings, including stuffed primates, gorilla figurines and, this being L.A., "ChimpSticks" to train the little ones how to hold chopsticks. After all, it's never too early to learn how to eat sushi. 2874 Rowena Ave., Silver Lake;

—Tanja M. Laden

Location Details

2874 Rowena Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90039


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