Best Dog Baby-sitting Place (2011)

Chateau Marmutt

When L.A.'s in-the-know dog lovers want to pamper their puppies, they take them to Chateau Marmutt for a spa day. What constitutes a perfect pup spa day? How about, for starters, "Aromatherapy Grooming"? (Hint: Honeysuckle is involved.) Marmutt's experienced technicians will brush her teeth, educate her in the arts of basic canine manners and even, um, take care of her blocked anal glands. (This is apparently a not-uncommon problem.) Only $6 more per hour buys her time to frolic and socialize with other dogs in a safe and supervised environment. (Oh, and to get her out of your hands for a spell.) Small pooches get to play on soft couches and easy chairs; bigger ones get to romp in a room with a kiddie pool and dog-friendly miniature playground equipment. Don't have time to drop her off? Chateau Marmutt offers a shuttle service that starts at $7 per trip. 8162 Beverly Blvd., Beverly Hills. (323) 653-2062,

—Kristina Benson

Location Details

8162 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90048


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