Worst Store to Wear That New Ed Hardy Shirt That Makes You Look Really Rad (2010)

Natural High Lifestyle

Conventionally grown cotton is drenched in more pesticides than any single crop on the planet. It’s an environmental atrocity that wreaks wretched havoc upon the soil and surrounding ecosystems, to say nothing of the toxicity — physical and energetic — it bleeds into the body. Natural High Lifestyle offers a complete array of its eponymous line of organic cotton, hemp and bamboo clothes for men, women and baby, as well as a sumptuous sampling of home furnishings, including bedding, meditation cushions and — every writer’s favorite — the overstuffed bamboo lap table. The latter comes laser-etched with style and sass, and makes for instant ergonomic awesomeness, while providing a stable, heat-reducing platform for your laptop. The clothes are understated, supremely comfortable, movement-friendly and soft — like, really, super, very soft, softer, softest. Warning: You’ll likely never want to take your pants off again. Sorry, boys. 2400 Main St., Santa Monica. (310) 450-5837, naturalhighlifestyle.com. —Dani Katz

Location Details

2400 Main St.
Santa Monica CA 90405


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