Norm's 76

When you are a gal in your late 40s, you'll do anything to keep your car air-conditioning up and running. You'd be just as happy driving a beat-up Yugo with bicycle tires as long as the interior windows showed a hint of frost. "Freezing" to most people means "barely comfortable" to you. We like our AC set somewhere between "Popsicle" and "Arctic Circle." So when Mike at Norm's 76 was summoned to look at my 1998 Jeep Cherokee's leaking gizmo, he responded like the emergency it was. A few hours later, I drove away several hundred dollars poorer, but who the hell cares? I keep an extra sweater or two on hand for passengers. Over the years and many subsequent returns to see Mike, there's never been a repair experience that wasn't pleasant, speedy and even under the always-reasonable estimate. 7979 Sunset Blvd., L.A. (323) 654-8073.

—Libby Molyneaux

Location Details

7979 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90046


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