Hag Hangouts: : Celebrity Skin (2008)

Beige at Falcon

The soundtrack may be similar to Shits & Giggles but the long-running Beige (at Falcon), Victor Rodriguez's other queer gathering (this one with partner Rusty Updegraff), is a decidedly more upscale scene both crowd-wise and for its locale. Still, the vibe here is super laid-back, even when celebs are in the house, which, after all these years, is often. Bumping into divas like Spice Girl Mel B or Pussycat Doll Robin Antin is commonplace, and despite its name, this is still one of the more colorful hangs in town.

—Lina Lecaro

Location Details

7213 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90046


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