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Film, Sex, Death and Pragmatism

Sex, Death and Pragmatism

"It's number seven. The angel caressing the blonde." On the phone with his publicist, selecting stills from his new film, Idiots and Angels, Bill Plympton is having a very businesslike conversation about some very surreal images. Two days before Angels' New York opening, Plympton was engaged in a whirl of...…
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Film, Pictures at a Revolution

Pictures at a Revolution

Preparing for a weeklong run of Olivier Assayas' Carlos — both in its full 319-minute glory and, for the impatient, in the just-under-three-hour recut — the American Cinematheque warms up with refresher screenings of two of Assayas' key films, 1996's Irma Vep and 2002's Demonlover. It's not much of a...…
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Film, Screwball Triple

Screwball Triple

The New Beverly's triple feature of classic screwball comedies presents a chance to consider two different approaches to comic rage. Monkey Business is the most cheerful of the three: As ship stowaways, the Marxes delay the token plot for a good 20 minutes, the better to wreak havoc without impediment...…
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Film, Film Reviews Movie Review: <i>ALPHA AND OMEGA</i>


ALPHA AND OMEGA Someday they'll make an animated movie in which carnivorous animals actually kill and eat their prey; until then, we're stuck with the likes of Alpha and Omega, where the big lion-vs.-dinner encounter involves felines dodging a caribou stampede. That scene is shamelessly stolen from The Lion King,...…
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Film, Film Reviews

Movie Review: Resident Evil

RESIDENT EVIL Afterlife 3D Having directed the first Resident Evil movie and written every installment since, crap auteur Paul W.S. Anderson returns behind the camera to put series hero (now his wife) Milla Jovovich through the 3-D paces. It's unclear why Resident Evil — at four films and a decade's...…
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Film, Film Reviews Movie Review: <i>Takers</i>

Movie Review: Takers

GO TAKERS "Come drink with me from the goblet of destruction," quotes T.I.'s bank robber (from Genghis Khan!) before Takers' big heist kicks off — and he's not joking. Acting as both producer and plot fulcrum, T.I. is the big, human attraction in Takers, possessing the raw energy that charisma...…
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Film, <i>Get Out of the Car</i>: Dystopia by the Dashboard Light

Get Out of the Car: Dystopia by the Dashboard Light

Toward the end of Los Angeles Plays Itself — Thom Andersen's magisterial index of the city as captured, mythologized and bastardized on-screen — one of Andersen's dyspeptic, despairing and unreliable narrators pours scorn on Joan Didion's famous line about how no one walks in Los Angeles. What of the poor,...…
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