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  • 10 years ago | Last Night

    Lucinda Williams at the El Rey, September 9 Lucinda Williams kept a firm grip on her joy during the Sweet Old World night of her ambitious “album-a-night” stand at the El Rey. The dark angel of twang had a good ol’ time, playing ...

  • 11 years ago
  • 12 years ago | Books

    As longtime emcee/curator of the Hammer Museum’s poetry-reading series, Stephen Yenser has presented many heavyweights and lesser-knowns of modern American verse. Since his pithy, personalized introductions have often resonated as much as th...

  • 12 years ago

    Ali Farka Touré didn’t like being called the king of Malian blues, since he often pointed out that the music he championed was much older and deeper than its African-American offspring. Non-Malians started tuning in to his mesmerizing...


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