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  • Chronically Metropolitan suffers from an incurable case of Whiny White Boy Syndrome -- and from a terrible title. Prodigal son Fenton (yes, Fenton) returns to Manhattan after a self-imposed exile thanks to backlash for his...

  • In Roberto Andò's The Confessions, an unorthodox birthday speech about the unforeseen moral consequences of economics ("For better or for worse, we are not God") kicks off an international whodunit. An octet of influential,...

  • Tough-guy absentee father Jake (Cam Gigandet) just wants to steel himself with a drink and deliver a stuffed bunny to his daughter, but the regulars at the watering hole he has stumbled into don't take kindly to outsiders. Things escalate from...

  • As a coming-of-age tale, Natasha at first seems familiar: lazy summer days, meandering bike rides, raging teenage libidos. But the disconnect between parents and children here proves more than just generational. The Toronto-set film...

  • There's a tried-and-true formula that has worked for many a sports-centric family drama: Local kid overcomes adversity off the court (or field, or track — you name it) and rises above it all for the love of the game. Despite some...

  • HBO's Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends) revisits the tragic night that gunmen opened fire during a concert at the Bataclan — and, later, shifts its focus to the band's eventual return to Paris.

    In his second documentary,...


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