Tatiana Craine


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  • Retake takes the old road-trip formula in some unexpected directions, sometimes to its detriment, as it reminds us that the paths of love and loss are bumpy and twisted as hell.

    Jonathan (Tuc Watkins), a lonely, middle-aged man,...

  • Set exactly one year after the 2016 presidential election, Aram Rappaport's thriller The Crash shows the United States on the brink of a Wall Street cyber attack. Now it's up to a corporate swindler to save the day with his crack team of...

  • The 1936 Olympics stand as a testament to the triumph of sportsmanship over hatred, with four-time gold medalist Jesse Owens famously at the front of the pack in Berlin. But what about that year's 17 other African-American Olympians? Olympic...

  • Matt Sobel's earnest debut feature Take Me to the River pushes the limits of what being family — no matter what — really means. When 17-year-old Ryder (Logan Miller) and his parents travel from California to Nebraska for a...


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