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  • 11 years ago | A Considerable Town

    Last Thursday, after 21 months in preparation, Senator George Mitchell issued his report on the abuse of performance-enhancing substances in major-league baseball. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said the report was “a call to action” ...

  • 11 years ago
  • 12 years ago | A Considerable Town

    About a year ago, the New Zealand Herald ran a story about a historic bridge on the west coast of Scotland that had become the site of an unprecedented series of canine suicides. Apparently, in the months preceding the article, so many dogs had ta...

  • 12 years ago | Longform

    If you get on the freeway in Los Angeles and drive east into the dead heat of the Mojave Desert, take a left past the red rock spires of the Spring Mountains, then continue down lonely roads, past a string of one-horse towns and barren landscapes ...

  • 12 years ago | A Considerable Town

    Paul Sapiano’s condo off Vine is the most pimped-out pad to be found in Hollywood since Austin Powers wrapped. Faux-gold statues of King Tut stand on glass shelves; crystal chandeliers hang from high ceilings. The walls are papered with purp...

  • 12 years ago | Books

    Sample Mix Following are excerpts from new books by Weekly contributors Steven Kotler and Ernest Hardy. Both authors will be reading on Thursday, May 25, 6 p.m., at Boardner’s, 1652 N. Cherokee Ave., Hollywood. When I think back on my time i...


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