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  • 1 year ago | Film and TV

    Laura Poitras' documentary is indirectly devoted to exploring the abusive sexual actions of men like Julian Assange and, to a lesser extent, encryption advocate Jacob Appelbaum.

  • However you look at Julian Assange — radical hero, martyr, Trumpist sellout, probable rapist, victim of his cult of personality -- there's something in Laura Poitras' documentary Risk to confirm your point of view.


  • On the surface, writer-director Ryan Jaffe's road-trip comedy seems to combine two trends: marijuana chic and recent indie films centered on senior citizens. It kicks off with the 89-year-old Estelle (Cloris Leachman) proudly proclaiming herself...

  • Recent European films such as Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac and Alain Guiraudie's Stranger by the Lake have drawn on the visual vocabulary of porn to make sex look like a chore that only the compulsive would bother engaging in....

  • Well-known both for its political activities and for its long-running film festival, Human Rights Watch becomes the subject of a documentary itself in E-Team. Katy Chevigny and Ross Kauffman's film isn't a broad portrait of the...

  • Irish director Lance Daly's Life's a Breeze faces a curious dilemma. How to depict the degrading effects of poverty when your central character, 79-year-old grandmother Nan (Fionnula Flanagan), lives in squalor by choice, having saved up...


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