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Calendar, Archive Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk

Reverend Chuck Palahniuk grew up in Burbank. Burbank, Washington, that is. His is a pretty remarkable story, one that proves truth is often stranger than fiction, although this man's fiction has been known to cause people to faint. His third novel, Invisible Monsters, was rejected by publisher W.W. Norton &...…
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Calendar, Archive Summer on the Plaza

Summer on the Plaza

This writer chortles whenever anyone refers to the DTLA arts district (only rubes do, yo), but she's happy to report the revitalized area is making great use of its public spaces for entertaining the populace. Two stand-out series are Grand Performances at Pershing Square and the sixth year of Summer...…
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Calendar, Archive The Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze

If you've lived in Los Angeles for any length of time, you have probably been accosted by banda, also known as norte–o, a genre of music native to Mexico and best recognized for the ever-present oompah-thump of the accordion and tuba. We can thank Emperor Maximilian I for blustering into...…
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Calendar, Archive A Summer Wonderland

A Summer Wonderland

Whether or not you're a Doors fan, there's no disputing that Wonderland Avenue — the memoir penned by the band's late manager Danny Sugerman, concerning his privileged but troubled L.A. upbringing, entree to the music industry and subsequent near-death junkiehood by age 21 — is a cautionary tale revolving around...…
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Arts, Public Spectacle Shorty Rossi: The Pit Man

Shorty Rossi: The Pit Man

One of the fascinating Angelenos featured in L.A. Weekly's People 2012 issue. Check out our entire People 2012 issue here. Luigi Francis Rossi -- better known as Shorty, titular star of the Animal Planet "docudrama" Pit Boss -- was not, as some have said, "made for television." His recently released...…
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News, The Informer Peter Diamandis: The Doctor Will Wow You Now

Peter Diamandis: The Doctor Will Wow You Now

One of the fascinating Angelenos featured in L.A. Weekly's People 2012 issue. Check out our entire People 2012 issue here. We have a "moral obligation to be thinking of where humanity is going," says entrepreneur and brainiac humanitarian Dr. Peter Diamandis. And if he has anything to do with it,...…
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Calendar, Archive Bite Me!

Bite Me!

Once a month, the Natural History Museum stays open late, inviting the city to "become scientists for a night," offering a thematic trifecta: scientific discussion, a behind-the-scenes curatorial tour and a hep and happening musical act. This month, First Fridays at the Museum of Natural History announces that spring has...…
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Calendar, Archive Gas Leak

Gas Leak

Jimmy Carter was a presidential anomaly. On his watch, departments were set up to fund electric-car development, solar energy, even research on a possible connection with the plastic in BPAs to cancer. Then boom — there's an actor in the White House who immediately cuts all of Carter's forward-thinking projects...…
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Calendar, Archive Modern-Day Rock Opera

Modern-Day Rock Opera

Over the past two years, About Productions has been developing Evangeline, the Queen of Make-Believe, with Los Lobos' Grammy-winning songwriter, Louie Pérez. Written by Pérez and About's artistic director Theresa Chavez and associate director Rose Portillo, the story is set against the backdrop of the 1968 East L.A. student walkouts...…
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Calendar, Archive Happy Birthday, Olvera Street

Happy Birthday, Olvera Street

Through the 1930s, Los Angeles celebrated its Name Day with a flurry of folklorico and a candlelit procession through Olvera Street. Although the Name Day appears long gone, Olvera Street celebrated its 82nd anniversary a week ago and today hosts the L.A. Heritage Alliance and its Fourth Annual L.A. Heritage...…
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Calendar, Archive Art as a Weapon: 99 Poets

Art as a Weapon: 99 Poets

The Last Bookstore is a jubilant anachronism, a jewel of downtown, a place to get lost in for hours, until you're snapped out of bibliophilic bliss by that evening's event, reading, workshop or performance. On the heels of their sold-out Occupy This! production, "Art As A Weapon: 99 Poets" will...…
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Calendar, Archive How Green Was My Downtown

How Green Was My Downtown

One might not immediately equate L.A. Live — the sprawling entertainment complex that houses Staples Center (home to the L.A. Lakers, Kings and Clippers), the Grammy Museum, a protruding, boner-shaped Ritz-Carlton hotel and various and sundry tourist entertainments — with Earth Day. (Although mogul Phil Anschutz and company did just...…
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Calendar, Archive Everything's Coming Up Woody

Everything's Coming Up Woody

Three months shy of what would be his 100th birthday, Woody Guthrie, the prolific, influential and politically charged folk musician, is being celebrated with a day-long conference arranged by "four distinguished universities," the Woody Guthrie Archives and the GRAMMY Museum. "The Dust Bowl Troubadour" traveled alongside migrant workers from Oklahoma...…
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Calendar, Archive Who's Your Goddess

Who's Your Goddess

One could consider this a night of music. After all, it features a rare performance by Glen Meadmore, everyone's favorite, seven-foot-tall gay Christian cow punk, and an even rarer appearance by incomprehensibly notorious aural abusers Beyond Joy and Evil. Wrangled by Jon Aes Nihil — a cryptic, demented fellow as...…
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Calendar, Archive Cutest Yet Most Preachy Pick of the Week

Cutest Yet Most Preachy Pick of the Week

How people can coddle their labradoodles, pookimos and schneagles and still gorge on bacon, burgers and chicken is beyond me. It's believed that a mother hen's vocalizations are more complicated than those of a dog, an animal whose intelligence is bested by the pig. Yes, the pig! Babe wasn't just...…
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Calendar, Archive Who Says All New Yorkers Are Arrogant Pricks?

Who Says All New Yorkers Are Arrogant Pricks?

Spiffy East Coast web magazine Slate.com has a podcast called Culture Gabfest, wherein its cadre of highly educated critics wittily discuss timely cultural and pop-cultural topics, their shelf lives and whatnot. (Seriously, peep their virtual masthead — even the assistant went to Yale.) Said critics Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf and...…
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Calendar, Archive Drunkards and Dragons

Drunkards and Dragons

In Los Angeles, we have many flavors of improv comedy to choose from: shows based on the audience's Facebook posts, worst dates, worst jobs or goofiest shoutouts (once, at Chicago's Second City, this writer had to explain long pig to future members of SNL). Here's a new twist, based on...…
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Calendar, Archive Green Eggs & Alhambra

Green Eggs & Alhambra

Many grumbled when Jim Henson's beloved Muppets were recently made over, Disney having chucked a Frank Oz script for ... Jason Segel's. A character created by another beloved children's icon, Dr. Seuss, was just given the big-screen treatment to boffo box office but mixed reviews. Many cried foul as The...…
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Calendar, Archive Jonathan Lethem

Jonathan Lethem

Jonathan Lethem is an interesting cat: The New York Times best-selling author of eight novels (including Chronic City, The Fortress of Solitude and Motherless Brooklyn), he also penned a delicious look at John Carpenter's anticapitalist ghoulfest, They Live, and acted as co-editor of Philip K. Dick's astounding Exegesis. (At a...…
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Calendar, Archive To Our Health

To Our Health

If you believe the AMA, the FDA and the USDA care about your health and welfare, you are D-U-M-B. We live in age where more deaths are caused by prescription medications than street drugs, where we enjoy the seventh-highest cancer rate of any nation, where the above-named agencies are bought...…
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