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Calendar, Archive Machinations at the Library

Machinations at the Library

A serious contender to be the coolest thing ever to happen at the library, the Saturday-night, after-hours ruckus "Machinations at the Library" sees a crew of interdisciplinary artists creating a mess and making some noise throughout the building — interacting with its collections as they see fit. Under the progressive...…
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Calendar, Archive Utopia, A Double Feature

Utopia, A Double Feature

Bergamot Station is a fantastic place full of free art shows and free parking and lovely people, but it doesn't exactly top the list of utopian social experiments and spiritual collectives in Southern California history. No, there are many more candidates for those top spots — among them, the 1970s-era...…
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Calendar, Archive Tarot Show

Tarot Show

Since roughly the year 1540, tarot cards have been used for entertainment and divination across the world. Scads of full decks and/or Major Arcana have been designed for purposes of self-expression, political allegory, feminism, humor, sexology and even plain old beauty. This weekend, Last Projects Gallery's "Tarot Show" opens up...…
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Calendar, Archive Outfest


Outfest returns to Los Angeles with nearly 200 cinematic offerings ranging from the classic to the brand-new, in short, documentary and feature categories — plus parties, panels and readings — spread across 11 days at half a dozen historic and happening venues. After the opening-night gala at the Orpheum, programs...…
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Calendar, Archive 8-Bit Battle Royale!

8-Bit Battle Royale!

Not only does 8-Bit Battle Royale! sound like the title of an '80s movie but its premise reads like the plot of one, too: "Giant monsters have made their way up from a rift on the ocean floor and are wreaking havoc on the streets of L.A.! It's up to...…
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Calendar, Archive Queer Biennial I

Queer Biennial I

The first Queer Biennial is a national survey focusing on the current moment in out/queer/LGBT visual culture — a salient idea, and one that's sure to be expanded upon in the future. Though its curator, Ruben Esparza, and its first venue, Coagula Curatorial, are both L.A. institutions, the Biennial has...…
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Calendar, Archive #UGLYCON


The good people of Giant Robot Magazine's GR2 Gallery fondly remember the day in 2002 when Uglydoll creator David Horvath showed up with a handmade prototype of what soon would become a plushy global phenomenon of weird toys for weird kids and even weirder adults. There is something sweetly compelling...…
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Calendar, Archive Los Angeles Design Festival

Los Angeles Design Festival

The Los Angeles Design Festival blankets the city with more than two weeks of art, architecture, design and all-of-the-above special events: guided and free-form bike, car and walking tours, eclectic lectures, related exhibitions, parties, workshops and more parties, kicking off with, what else, a party. Fittingly, the bell-ringing (and dublab...…
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Calendar, Archive ZERO DOWN


Artists taking over unoccupied industrial sites on the edges of American cities is always a fascinating idea, if not a new one. And when it comes to that trend of culturally reclamatory real estate here in Los Angeles, what more heartily symbolic properties to rehab than car dealerships and public...…
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Calendar, Archive Takashi Murakami and Pico Iyer

Takashi Murakami and Pico Iyer

The Broad Un-Private Collection conversation series dives deep into Superflat as Takashi Murakami is interviewed by author, thinker and cultural philosopher Pico Iyer. Murakami is best known as the leading practitioner of the Superflat stylistic movement, as well as a painter, sculptor, newly minted filmmaker and Louis Vuitton design collaborator,...…
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Calendar, Archive The Grinstein Artist Invitational: From Generation to Generation

The Grinstein Artist Invitational: From Generation to Generation

When heroic local arts patron Stanley Grinstein died in March, the Los Angeles art world mourned his passing and celebrated his life. Together with wife Elyse, Grinstein had been one of the city's most generous supporters of the visual arts since the 1960s, when, among other accomplishments, the couple (along...…
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Calendar, Archive HAPPENING 2014: LACE Benefit Art Auction

HAPPENING 2014: LACE Benefit Art Auction

The annual LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) silent auction is one of those season-highlight affairs for which savvy collectors wait all year. Not only is this venerable performance art - centric institution a beloved favorite of L.A.'s culturati, with support for it considered essential in any self-respecting philanthropic portfolio, but...…
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Calendar, Archive Night Terrors and Day Dreams

Night Terrors and Day Dreams

Artist and curator Renée A. Fox is enchanted by the idea that beauty, desire, fear and faith exist in a complex, sublime co-dependence in which the light cannot exist without the dark. In her own work, one often sees images that evoke forms of fantastical nature, rendered with a hybrid...…
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Arts, Public Spectacle Cesar Garcia: A Gallery Director Not Afraid of Making a Mistake

Cesar Garcia: A Gallery Director Not Afraid of Making a Mistake

One of the fascinating Angelenos featured in L.A. Weekly's People 2014 issue. Check out our entire People 2014 issue. Cesar Garcia is a product of his environments - all of them. They've influenced his epic new undertaking: the latest star in the expanding downtown art gallery firmament, the Mistake Room, where...…
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Arts, Public Spectacle Allison "Hueman" Torneros: The Mad Muralist

Allison "Hueman" Torneros: The Mad Muralist

One of the fascinating Angelenos featured in L.A. Weekly's People 2014 issue. Check out our entire People 2014 issue. Allison Torneros prefers to go by her art moniker, Hueman. Like a lot of street artists', her nom de spray is afraid of a good pun (hue as in color) nor gender-specific...…
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Calendar, Archive One Year Underground: Reclaiming the East Side

One Year Underground: Reclaiming the East Side

Cypress Park native and Antigua Coffee House capo Yancey Quiñones has a dream. His café at the corner of Figueroa and Loreto is already a beacon of community art, letters and generally celebratory gatherings. But the café faces one of those crazy L.A. underground tunnel passages - one designed to...…
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Calendar, Archive Brian Paumier: Act of Faith

Brian Paumier: Act of Faith

"Brian Paumier: Act of Faith" is the artist's first solo show in Los Angeles, although, since he's a native of Oxnard and a graduate of Art Center, it's also something of a homecoming. The exhibition of photographs, mixed media photo-based objects and videos are suitably personal for the occasion. Though...…
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Calendar, Archive Eat Your Art Out

Eat Your Art Out

Figuring that there's a fairly high crossover among fans of ladies' flat-track roller derby and enthusiasts of the extreme camp of '70s grindhouse cinema, the organizers of the Eat Your Art Out silent auction party are turning up the volume on the art and the atmosphere of this year's benefit...…
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Calendar, Archive Photo Independent Art Fair

Photo Independent Art Fair

The Photo Independent Art Fair debuts this year, occupying Raleigh Studios as a kind of unofficial neighbor/partner to Paris Photo L.A., which is happening the same weekend at nearby Paramount Studios. But Photo Independent is far more than a shadow fair. Conceived as an artist-centered counterpart, it's dedicated to working...…
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Calendar, Archive Anonymous Grabbing at Bergamot Station

Anonymous Grabbing at Bergamot Station

How much would you pay to see the future? Precognito is the high-end precursor to Saturday's 10th-anniversary edition of Incognito - the Santa Monica Museum of Art's beloved and unique fundraiser, in which an array of L.A.-based artists make a new 10-by-10-inch mini-masterpiece and patrons buy them for $350 without...…
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