Sarah Purkrabek

Sarah Purkrabek

Sarah is writer and lover of music and travel. She spends 70% of her time writing, and the other 30% stalking her favorite artists’ tour schedules and plotting her next adventure. When she’s not behind a laptop, you can find her trying out the latest coffee fad, making any excuse to visit the beach, or binge-watching CSI on Netflix.

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  • 21 days ago | Festivals

    Hard Summer has already announced a few big new moves for its 2016 iteration, including a new venue (Fontana's Auto Club Speedway) and the addition of a camping component. Yesterday, Hard Events announced another upgrade to its most well-known eve...

  • 1 month ago | EDM

    The EDC shuttles could use some love. We get it; it’s not easy trying to transport thousands of people between Las Vegas Motor Speedway and the Strip. For those of us taking the giant buses, it was frustrating having no clear signs or indication o...

  • 1 month ago | EDM

    There’s a little bit of everything at EDC Las Vegas. The outfits, décor and stages are all unbelievable, and the massive festival grounds offer plenty of chances to intermingle with fellow ravers. Throughout the weekend, there were many, many best...

  • 1 month ago | EDM

    Choosing to ride a helicopter into EDC might sound a little ridiculous; it did to me. But while most of the hundreds of thousands of festivalgoers make the hour-or-more trek to from the Vegas Strip to Las Vegas Motor Speedway by car or shuttle, a ...

  • 1 month ago | EDM

    Behind an unmarked door in a nondescript wall behind a row of vendor tents, there’s a small army of positive-minded people whose job it is to make EDC Vegas fun and safe for every attendee. They're called Ground Control, and over the course of the...

  • 2 months ago | EDM

    Our city’s famous music industry and nightlife scene are notoriously fickle about those under 21. At the same time, the producers playing our clubs are getting younger and younger. It might feel like ages since Animals came out and put then-17-yea...


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