• @sarahfenske
    4 May, 2015

    '70s-era news anchors: They're just like us! Only they never imagined their joke-y outtakes would end up on YouTube http://t.co/Fc4edgA7Zs

  • @sarahfenske
    3 May, 2015

    RT @JillDLawrence: 44 years of @HillaryClinton positions on law and order. Seriously great timeline from @MarshallProj http://t.co/h8bazMi1…

  • @sarahfenske
    2 May, 2015

    @goldmansachs666 Eh, it was pretty easy to pay online. No major complaints there (beyond having a parking ticket in the 1st place)

  • @sarahfenske
    2 May, 2015

    Amusing or appalling? The "most active" page listed on the St. Louis city website is "pay a parking ticket." http://t.co/Jth0iCtK1S

  • @sarahfenske
    2 May, 2015

    Transferring an inmate to a new prison? Give him a bus ticket and some walking around $ and see how it turns out... http://t.co/STFuLPJCKB


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