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  • 11 years ago
  • 12 years ago | Lists

    1. Tsunami footage on Fox News. 2. Your least-favorite aunt’s hands gnarled with arthritis. 3. Richard Simmons, in sparkly tank top, sobbing and hugging Katrina victims on Extra. 4. Your grandmother sending you a webcam and asking you to dow...

  • 15 years ago | Books

    Illustration by Erik Sandberg “He’d described himself as white and stocky and looking a bit like Ed Harris in profile,” the Japanese narrator tells us of his new American client. But Frank shows up looking nothing like Ed Harris, an...

  • 15 years ago | Film and TV

    Long before ’60s Eurasian tease Nancy Kwan and chopsocky Angel Lucy Liu, Anna May Wong — rediscovered this month in a retrospective presented by the UCLA Film and Television Archive — was the Chinese face lighting up screens around ...

  • 15 years ago | Books

    The first 10 pages of Sandra Newman’s debut novel hint at delights to come. She has the gift of the haiku. Her canny, funny sketches of the dysfunctional Moffat family had me keenly anticipating more from the book’s alienated heroine, Ch...

  • 15 years ago | Books

    Illustration by Tavis Coburn In the old days, when planning a trip to a distant land took more energy than a few keystrokes on a laptop, writers savored every encounter with the foreign. They wanted to break on through to the other side. But in re...


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