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  • 14 years ago
  • 15 years ago | Last Night

    Photo by Megan Gaynes CINERAMA at the Troubadour, September 27 U.K. songwriter David Gedge disbanded his semilegendary noisepop group the Wedding Present five years ago, and he's been patiently weaning fans onto Cinerama ever since. No minor task ...

  • 15 years ago
  • 16 years ago | Travel

    I’m standing in a hailstorm on a November morning in Amsterdam, reading the black-stenciled words on a storefront window: BEAUTY AND PAIN. An apt description of this city, where dapper street vendors sell tiny skewered pancakes in the shadow ...

  • 17 years ago | Tech

    My friend Elena has a Ziploc bag stuffed with red-and-white tablets. The Bay Area dealer who sold them to her says they‘re pure MDMA -- otherwise known as ”Ecstasy“ -- and she’s inclined to believe him. ”The stuff coming o...

  • 18 years ago | Tech

    LA Weekly Art Dept.Names in this article have been changed. IF THE COMPUTER NERDS BEHIND THE GeekLust live-streaming video Web site aren't your typical pornographers, they've chosen a stereotypically porno location for their first shoot: a downtow...


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