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  • 18 years ago | Tech

    You have to say one thing for Gary North: He has the courage of his convictions. North is the Christian fundamentalist whose millenarian Web site ( consistently deployed the most apocalyptic warnings of what was in store for the ...

  • 18 years ago | Travel

    Illustration by J. Hadley Hooper For some reason, dream paradises are often beaches. We happened on ours by accident. I was flying in a small plane toward Bahia de los Angeles, a few hundred miles south of the border on the east coast of Baja Cali...

  • 19 years ago | Tech

    Art by Lou BeachWITH EACH WELL-PUBLICIZED AIRPLANE ACCIDENT, another of the mysteries of the pilot's world is laid bare to the public. ValuJet unveiled solid-oxygen generators (the dirty little secret of the drop-down mask!). Swissair 111 uncovere...

  • 19 years ago | Travel

    Art by Peter BennettMARK WAS A FORMER STUDENT OF my former college roommate. He was visiting Europe, I was living there. I was to hitchhike with him, introduce him to the world of happy squalor. We hooked up in Palermo. I had waited there two tedi...

  • 20 years ago
  • 20 years ago


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