• @paultbradley
    25 August, 2016

    @Heminator total dreamboat

  • @paultbradley
    14 August, 2016

    Neighbor's party got shut down last night, so now he's up and running a buzzzsaw. Good job today, neighborhood. https://t.co/T5FrqyNHeX

  • @paultbradley
    13 August, 2016

    @ajr :|

  • @paultbradley
    12 August, 2016

    @ajr :(

  • @paultbradley
    11 August, 2016

    @meganmercier Silver Lake Olde Tymey Roofers clearly use a team of oxen instead of nailguns. So quaint.


Paul T. Bradley

Paul T. Bradley has written for L.A. Weekly since 2011. He is a Silver Lake-based former ditch-digger and he owns a 2004 Jetta (1.8 turbo).

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