Paul T. Bradley

Paul T. Bradley has written for L.A. Weekly since 2011. He is a Silver Lake-based former ditch-digger and he owns a 2004 Jetta (1.8 turbo).

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  • 10 days ago | Fans Are Kooky

    Just west of Death Valley, along a grimy string of semi-active mining settlements and the empty scrublands where the Navy tests explosives, right off the road, there’s a mounted bronze plaque and a dead tree. The plaque asks, “Have you found what ...

  • 19 days ago | Goodbye

    History’s greatest eulogies and tributes are usually written and delivered by powerful people who are humbled by the loss of someone they hold in high esteem. They are written to connect that loss to the greater mystery; they are written because t...

  • 26 days ago | Last Night

    Tool Viejas Arena, San Diego State University Jan. 10, 2016 Better than... Driving to San Francisco on a Sunday night. If you want one word about what this current Tool tour feels like, that one word is “underwhelming.” Tool plays concerts, but no...

  • 1 month ago | Theater

    One-person shows are usually garbage. It's a fact. They're the theatrical equivalent of an insufferable guy with a guitar who only sings songs about his exes. They demand that an audience connect to a single point of view and consume an endless st...

  • 4 months ago

    Maybe you've got a few mint Six Finger Satellite 7-inches or some tight psych-folk platters, and only your cat gets to hear them night after night. Well, Mr. Snookums has probably heard them enough. Which is why, every Tuesday starting at 9:15 p.m...

  • 4 months ago

    Suffice to say, Dave Ross is a funny guy. His storytelling and self-deprecating entr'actes to his own late, great Holy Fuck free comedy show in downtown L.A. were perfect morsels of what the kids used to call "alt comedy." Even better, his superb ...


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