• @paultbradley
    29 September, 2016

    "Fuckin' putting out a progressive trance record right now? I could have a huge fuckin' hit," 50+ yr old bro to another bro rn.

  • @paultbradley
    26 September, 2016

    RT @ShutUpAndrosky: FINALLY figured out what trump reminds me of: once at an open mic there was a heckler who was so unruly that we let him…

  • @paultbradley
    26 September, 2016

    It's "It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers" Season, Motherfuckers.

  • @paultbradley
    25 September, 2016

    RT @danharmon: Papers unveiling candidate endorsements like it's 1970, Iike oh you smoke a pipe now like I didn't just see your ass do a P…

  • @paultbradley
    24 September, 2016

    Another wedding, another random aunt who thinks I'm Zach Gallifianakis for some reason.


Paul T. Bradley

Paul T. Bradley has written for L.A. Weekly since 2011. He is a Silver Lake-based former ditch-digger and he owns a 2004 Jetta (1.8 turbo).

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