• @TheeMaxB
    2 December, 2016

    Torii has too much free time. We are all the beneficiaries. This list is hilarious. https://t.co/W0UD571OQd

  • @TheeMaxB
    2 December, 2016

    RT @Passionweiss: I always discover more great music from this list than any other. https://t.co/htbpDPOvdc

  • @TheeMaxB
    1 December, 2016

    this new pioneer 11 is fantastic. Psych-rock, blues, and & best of the beat scene rolled into one. in short, some r… https://t.co/dRIweuhvIV

  • @TheeMaxB
    30 November, 2016

    rappers, DJs, & sidemen—stop counting to 3 b4 the beat drops. ruins the surprise for ppl w/o rhythm. also offensive to ppl who can't count.

  • @TheeMaxB
    29 November, 2016

    and the award for greatest tour poster goes to... https://t.co/0tMFSG5JH0


Max Bell


Max Bell is a freelance writer based in L.A. His writing has appeared in print and online for publications such as Noisey, Complex, XXL, Billboard, and Passion of the Weiss.

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