• @TheeMaxB
    23 April, 2017

    this is your last chance to ask Jon to build, collab, and/or link up. use it wisely. also, send all the nudes. ever… https://t.co/F0skyAh5Te

  • @TheeMaxB
    21 April, 2017

    s/o to every rapper who's paid for my meal or drink despite my protestation. I've met/know many people with as much $ who aren't that kind.

  • @TheeMaxB
    20 April, 2017

    Thanks @devindude420 https://t.co/QsIByy3R3l

  • @TheeMaxB
    20 April, 2017

    "Doobie Ashtray" is perfect—best rap/blues song abt being low on weed & making poor fiscal decisions. It's essentia… https://t.co/ybQrpb8Ke2

  • @TheeMaxB
    19 April, 2017

    @jonwayne if this was half a lifetime ago, your 13 yr old self hit puberty HARD https://t.co/zMqPdlFLvz


Max Bell


Max Bell is a freelance writer based in L.A. His writing has appeared in print and online for publications such as Noisey, Complex, XXL, Billboard, and Passion of the Weiss.

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