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  • 4 days ago | Film and TV

    Maybe it's a just a sign of the Blumhouse-era horror-movie world we find ourselves in, but there's something refreshing about a scare flick that (a) actually shows you its monster occasionally and (b) gives you a definite reason to be afraid of it...

  • About 80 percent of the time, any movie whose creators feel the need to use the word "legend" in the title isn't. And indeed, while Ben Hall may be an Australian folk hero, this serious attempt at a historically accurate biopic doesn't really...

  • Given a couple more drafts and a bigger budget, "Die Hard in an Eastern European hotel during a Russian-backed coup" wouldn't be such a bad idea for a movie — especially as we're likely to see similar international situations become...

  • The indie horror trope of "socially awkward guy gets rejected by woman, turns psychotic" remains a perennial — not just because so many filmmakers feel insecure and crazy themselves but also because it's relatively easy to pull off. So long...

  • 3 months ago | Film and TV

    It's rare for a franchise, especially in the horror genre, to actually get better as it progresses — doubly so if the final part of said progression is a TV series. Yet in six-part miniseries form, currently airing on the you-didn't-know-you-had-i...

  • Any movie about one of the best friends of the prophet Muhammad -- Bilal ibn Rabah, a Mecca-born slave who became the first muezzin (call-to-prayer leader) -- runs into a problem: How do you make it without including a depiction of Muhammad, and...


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