• @LJWilliamsonLA
    15 March, 2018

    Passenger-dragging puppy killers #UnitedAirlines reveal that the pug killed on a recent flight actually survived fa… https://t.co/PFfI6zJrOs

  • @LJWilliamsonLA
    16 February, 2018

    @kkiesnoski In "6 things you should never put on a credit card," why is "rule no. 1" listed as rule no. 4?

  • @LJWilliamsonLA
    5 February, 2018

    @paulas_take @Rancid @badreligion Remind me to tell you my story about interviewing Greg Graffin...

  • @LJWilliamsonLA
    4 February, 2018

    RT @HOPAJUL: The infamous Auctioneer at Pirates of the Caribbean literally lost his head 😱 I'm curious how long it takes them to fix it #dl

  • @LJWilliamsonLA
    23 January, 2018

    Please, @nmillions , how can I get you to answer my emails? Is there a secret code?


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