• @LJWilliamsonLA
    17 January, 2017

    @realDonaldTrump I assure you that my disapproval of your policies and rhetoric is in no way phony, nor rigged. And I am far from alone.

  • @LJWilliamsonLA
    12 January, 2017

    I am sick and tired of the onslaught of fake news. https://t.co/aBjTOrogcl

  • @LJWilliamsonLA
    12 January, 2017

    Talk of dependency firm closures as Gov's slim budget leaves lawyers for kids who are abused and neglected feeling abused and neglected.

  • @LJWilliamsonLA
    28 December, 2016

    #CarrieFisher, thanks for being one of the few worthy role models for a generation of girls. https://t.co/zgpsU15Kfy

  • @LJWilliamsonLA
    25 December, 2016

    Proposition 66 stayed https://t.co/PvfMamTw5z


L.J. Williamson


L.J. Williamson is an award-winning writer and stuff.

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