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  • 5 days ago | Marijuana

    The marijuana business is becoming big business, with the conventions and confabs to go with its newfound status.

  • 5 days ago | Events

    Los Angeles is a hotbed of music, and L.A. Weekly is here to help you navigate this embarrassment of riches. From female punk rockers more salient now than ever to the dulcet tones and magnificent coif of the the Melvins' King Buzzo to Corrine Bai...

  • 5 days ago | Events

    From ballet to Shakespeare in Griffith Park, a party boat to a SummerTini Tasting in downtown Culver City, to festivals shining the spotlight on trains, Mediterranean food or Chinese culture and food, here are the 14 best things to do in Los Angel...

  • 12 days ago | Events

    From an evening of line dancing to an evening with Nick Offerman, a festival serving up heaps of BBQ and music and a sweet-tooth's dream, to a 40th-anniversary screening of Superman and the history of sex and comedy, here are the 13 best things to...

  • 26 days ago | Events

    From a festival and parade celebrating global cultures and a block party honoring the African diaspora, to the first Korean-American artist with a solo show at LACMA and a gallery highlighting the art made from recycled materials, to one of SNL's ...

  • 1 month ago | Events

    From exhibits bringing together nature and technology or shedding light on the traditional art of fish rubbings, gastronomical adventures featuring boozy lemonade, doughnuts or old-fashioneds, to a production honoring the life and tragic death of ...


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