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  • 2 days ago | Events

    A book fair, a night of outsider cinema, comedy from Ken Reid and more things to do and see this week for 10 bucks or less. Good thing psychiatric advice is only a nickel, because missing the opening of The Peanut Gallery: A Charlie Brown–Themed A...

  • 3 days ago | Events

    Charlie Brown gets a fine-art tribute, the Museum of Neon Art Finally reopens, masked Mexican wrestlers meet sexy dancers, a documentary celebrates black dancers on film and more awesome stuff to do and see in L.A. this week.  fri 2/5 Good th...

  • 4 days ago | Events

    Quick question: What are you doing on the third Saturday in February? If your answer is anything other than "The Essentials, of course," you might want to reconsider. On Saturday, Feb. 20. L.A. Weekly will be hosting our eighth annual world-c...

  • 9 days ago | Events

    Lots of the shows at Riot L.A. are only 10 bucks, which is awesome. If that's not your bag and you have an extra dollar (or no dollars), there's plenty to do in L.A. this week. KCRW's Riot L.A. aims to make downtown ground zero for alternative com...

  • 10 days ago | Events

    From a talk about the history of nautical cats to L.A.'s premiere comedy festival, there's lots to do in L.A. this week. fri 1/29 Eliades Ochoa and Barbarito Torres, a duo of great players from Cuba's famed Buena Vista Social Club, show off their ...

  • 16 days ago | Events

    From a screening of Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira to a live show with Bob Odenkirk, there's plenty of stuff to do this week for $11.24 or less.  It was once the case, dear reader, that Hollywood turned to the radio for source material almost as oft...


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