• @whipplekels
    30 November, 2015

    Today is turning out to be a "My name is Andrew Shepherd, and I *am* the president" kind of day. #TheAmericanPresident

  • @whipplekels
    28 November, 2015

    @kinnisona But tweeting something only once is not on that list.

  • @whipplekels
    28 November, 2015

    RT @kinnisona: The ability to make great Ewan McGregor-meets-Oasis puns is high on my "imperative life skills" list. @whipplekels https://t…

  • @whipplekels
    27 November, 2015

    RT @BoozyBrownGirl: "If you love her, & she's not yet married, you have to tell her." Love this story, via @nytimes. https://t.co/bOsVO71g62

  • @whipplekels
    26 November, 2015

    @kinnisona "You love me. Real or not real?"


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