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Calendar, Archive The Mighty Met Acoustic Flashback

The Mighty Met Acoustic Flashback

Believe it or not, there once was a time when rock & roll radio stations actually played an aggressive cultural role, and here in Los Angeles KMET 94.7 (“a little bit of heaven”) was among the last of them. When the station went belly up on Valentine’s Day 1987, it...…
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Calendar, Archive Macy Gray

Macy Gray

When it comes to Macy Gray, the fabulously idiosyncratic R&B wild woman who completely redefined the sound and look of the American soul diva, one must expect the unexpected. As talented as she is eccentric, Gray’s legacy of weirdness is as rich and infamous as her multiplatinum successes. Gray remains...…
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Calendar, Archive The Yellow Payges

The Yellow Payges

The Yellow Payges were hard-rocking, psych-pop originators from the circa-’66 “Riot-on–Sunset Strip” scene, and far more than just a Hollywood sensation. They toured for a solid year with Eric Burdon and The Animals in ’68, and were the first rock band ever to record a Jimmy Webb song, the penetrating...…
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Calendar, Archive The Genius of Stan Freberg: Celebrating 70 Years of Creative Entertainment

The Genius of Stan Freberg: Celebrating 70 Years of Creative Entertainment

Comedian Stan Freberg, the Pasadena-born Boy Wonder of Satire, has rampaged through American culture with dizzying success since his start on radio back in 1944, making tonight’s retrospective/celebration, The Genius of Stan Freberg: Celebrating 70 Years of Creative Entertainment, a downright irresistible proposition. Both upstart and underdog, Freberg cut a...…
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Calendar, Archive Murder Ballads

Murder Ballads

Autumn’s annual Murder Ballads night is always an intensely atmospheric gasser, and this fifth edition, touted as “A Tribute to True Crimes of Passion,” guarantees a stimulatingly sinister earful. Featuring contributions from psychedelic Westerners Spindrift, the unhinged psych-­pop provocateurs Bloody Death Skull (who’ve been aptly and admirably pigeonholed as “Tin...…
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Calendar, Archive The Warrior’s Return: From Surge to Suburbia

The Warrior’s Return: From Surge to Suburbia

America’s policy of never-ending war comes at an incalculable price, and it’s our military — our youth — who get stuck carrying the debt. At The Warrior’s Return: From Surge to Suburbia, that ghastly cost, reckoned in loss of life, limbs, innocence and even sanity, will be addressed by two...…
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Calendar, Archive We Were There: A Discussion on the Early Waves of Punk in L.A.

We Were There: A Discussion on the Early Waves of Punk in L.A.

When singer-author Alice Bag and musician-writer Jimmy Alvarado convene for We Were There: A Discussion on the Early Waves of Punk in L.A. event, it’s going to run a lot deeper than a mere nostalgic gabfest. As two of the longest-serving participants in L.A.’s feverish Eastside punk movement, Bag’s (lead...…
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Calendar, Archive Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart

Country singer-musician Marty Stuart is an odd cat. Part indefatigable tradition-bearer, part obsessive, tireless champion of the idiom's surviving originators, there is no one in Nashville quite like him. A musical wunderkind who grew up on the bluegrass festival circuit and later broke out with his 1990 hit "Hillbilly Rock,"...…
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Calendar, Archive Isabella Rossellini: Green Porno Live!

Isabella Rossellini: Green Porno Live!

Daughter of the great movie star Ingrid Bergman and famed director Roberto Rossellini, Isabella Rossellini has long been a magnetic, irresistible figure. But Green Porno Live! — proposed, written, directed and performed by Rossellini herself — is a marvelously bizarre dose of stagecraft. It's originally named for a 2008 Sundance...…
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Calendar, Archive Cleopatra


Eighty years to the day of its 1934 premiere, this celebratory screening of Cecil B. DeMille's infamous epic Cleopatra provides a dizzying mixture of stunningly overwrought faux-period art direction and Hollywood's spicy pre–Hays Code cheesecake culture. Claudette Colbert's Cleo — a sizzling, high diva/brat performance, drastically enhanced by eye-popping, décolletage-celebrating...…
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Calendar, Archive Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash is coming to town, touring on her first album of original material in more than six years, and she brings a formidable load of heritage and artistry. The new record, The River & the Thread, characterized by minor keys, Southern Gothic grooves and deftly wrought lyrics, is an...…
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Calendar, Archive This Ain't No Mouse Music

This Ain't No Mouse Music

Part crusader, part folklorist, part fanatical music nerd, Chris Strachwitz has played an extraordinary role in American culture. Maureen Gosling and Chris Simon's glorious new documentary, This Ain't No Mouse Music, captures the wild tale of Strachwitz's devotion to our musical underworld — blues, polka, norteño, jazz, hillbilly — and...…
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Calendar, Archive Gems From the Archive

Gems From the Archive

From the radioactive disinformation of Duck and Cover to the gruesome California Highway Patrol–sponsored Grand Guignol of Red Asphalt, the industrial film has always been one of American cinema's most bizarre and endearing genres. With "Gems From the Archive," celluloid swami Russell Harnden III fires up the clattering 16mm projector...…
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Calendar, Archive A Tribute to Lynwood Slim

A Tribute to Lynwood Slim

Expect a tidal surge of deep, heartfelt blues at this tribute to the local harmonica paragon Lynwood Slim, who died after suffering a stroke a few weeks back. Featuring a slew of pals and first-rate blues busters, including veteran Texas funk ruler King Cotton, a certifiable wild man who has...…
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Calendar, Archive Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson is a country singer who lives near Nashville, but any further resemblance to his colleagues ends there. Simpson's current CD, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, is a mind-ripping set of aggressively psychedelicized manifestos, served up with a high-voltage electro-tinge. "I wanted to make a psychedelic album and I...…
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Calendar, Archive Lee "Scratch" Perry

Lee "Scratch" Perry

Eccentric, innovative, slightly demented and thoroughly brilliant, venerable Jamaican studio shaman Lee "Scratch" Perry's romance with the groove continues to pop, crackle and blaze with unabated passion. The unhinged auteur has well and truly gone the full reggae route, from his start hustling records for sound-system pioneer Coxsone Dodd to...…
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Calendar, Archive Johnny Ramone Tribute 10th Anniversary

Johnny Ramone Tribute 10th Anniversary

The punk-rock mortality rate has always seemed disproportionately high (Darby, Stiv, Tomato, Thunders, Black Randy, Lux, Biscuit, Strummer — what a rotten bummer) and the recent loss of Tommy Ramone, the final founding member of The Ramones, struck an achingly ominous chord. The Johnny Ramone Tribute 10th Anniversary at Hollywood...…
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Calendar, Archive Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson is easily one of the Motor City's most miraculous exports. The soul spearhead's elegantly expressive pipes and stunningly crafted songs stand as some of the very finest in American music. Just those tunes he co-wrote for others (Mary Wells' gorgeous "My Guy," Marvin Gaye's tender, bruised "Ain't That...…
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Calendar, Archive Flaco Jiménez

Flaco Jiménez

Anytime San Antonio accordion boss Flaco Jiménez hits the stage, it's a live-wire cultural and artistic event. His vibrant musicality and dynamism are exhilarating, and his musical head is as formidable as his fabled family's legacy. Both his grandfather and father were critical trailblazers in introducing and perfecting the rollicking...…
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Calendar, Archive Boyce & Hart: The Guys Who Wrote 'Em

Boyce & Hart: The Guys Who Wrote 'Em

We owe much of the remarkably fecund musical period of the mid to late 1960s to composers such as John Barry, Burt Bacharach, Herb Alpert, Neil Diamond and Jimmy Webb. The hyper-groovy bubblegum visionaries Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart rank right alongside the best of them. With Rachel Lichtman's new...…
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