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Calendar, Archive Gems From the Archive

Gems From the Archive

From the radioactive disinformation of Duck and Cover to the gruesome California Highway Patrol–sponsored Grand Guignol of Red Asphalt, the industrial film has always been one of American cinema's most bizarre and endearing genres. With "Gems From the Archive," celluloid swami Russell Harnden III fires up the clattering 16mm projector...…
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Calendar, Archive A Tribute to Lynwood Slim

A Tribute to Lynwood Slim

Expect a tidal surge of deep, heartfelt blues at this tribute to the local harmonica paragon Lynwood Slim, who died after suffering a stroke a few weeks back. Featuring a slew of pals and first-rate blues busters, including veteran Texas funk ruler King Cotton, a certifiable wild man who has...…
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Calendar, Archive Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson is a country singer who lives near Nashville, but any further resemblance to his colleagues ends there. Simpson's current CD, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, is a mind-ripping set of aggressively psychedelicized manifestos, served up with a high-voltage electro-tinge. "I wanted to make a psychedelic album and I...…
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Calendar, Archive Lee "Scratch" Perry

Lee "Scratch" Perry

Eccentric, innovative, slightly demented and thoroughly brilliant, venerable Jamaican studio shaman Lee "Scratch" Perry's romance with the groove continues to pop, crackle and blaze with unabated passion. The unhinged auteur has well and truly gone the full reggae route, from his start hustling records for sound-system pioneer Coxsone Dodd to...…
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Calendar, Archive Johnny Ramone Tribute 10th Anniversary

Johnny Ramone Tribute 10th Anniversary

The punk-rock mortality rate has always seemed disproportionately high (Darby, Stiv, Tomato, Thunders, Black Randy, Lux, Biscuit, Strummer — what a rotten bummer) and the recent loss of Tommy Ramone, the final founding member of The Ramones, struck an achingly ominous chord. The Johnny Ramone Tribute 10th Anniversary at Hollywood...…
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Calendar, Archive Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson is easily one of the Motor City's most miraculous exports. The soul spearhead's elegantly expressive pipes and stunningly crafted songs stand as some of the very finest in American music. Just those tunes he co-wrote for others (Mary Wells' gorgeous "My Guy," Marvin Gaye's tender, bruised "Ain't That...…
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Calendar, Archive Flaco Jiménez

Flaco Jiménez

Anytime San Antonio accordion boss Flaco Jiménez hits the stage, it's a live-wire cultural and artistic event. His vibrant musicality and dynamism are exhilarating, and his musical head is as formidable as his fabled family's legacy. Both his grandfather and father were critical trailblazers in introducing and perfecting the rollicking...…
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Calendar, Archive Boyce & Hart: The Guys Who Wrote 'Em

Boyce & Hart: The Guys Who Wrote 'Em

We owe much of the remarkably fecund musical period of the mid to late 1960s to composers such as John Barry, Burt Bacharach, Herb Alpert, Neil Diamond and Jimmy Webb. The hyper-groovy bubblegum visionaries Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart rank right alongside the best of them. With Rachel Lichtman's new...…
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Calendar, Archive Israel Vibration, Roots Radics, Blaze Mob

Israel Vibration, Roots Radics, Blaze Mob

Thanks to our astonishing local reggae resource Dub Club, this visit by Israel Vibration and Roots Radics is yet another world-class musical showdown. Long-running vocal trio Israel Vibration met in a Kingston medical rehabilitation facility and rose, starting way back in 1970, from a punishing life as polio-stricken ghetto youth...…
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Music, West Coast Sound Why Surf Rock Is Southern California's Folk Music

Why Surf Rock Is Southern California's Folk Music

Now in its seventh year, the annual Surf Guitar 101 Convention celebrates regional surf music. Yes, you could call this genre SoCal folk music. It's an almost unique subculture, which has somehow managed to survive with all of its complex social codes, vocabulary and rowdy behavior intact — up to...…
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Calendar, Archive Don the Beachcomber and the Origins of the American Tiki Bar

Don the Beachcomber and the Origins of the American Tiki Bar

Prepare for some full-on tiki immersion therapy. Don the Beachcomber and the Origins of the American Tiki Bar is an examination of the career of the legendary adventurer/entrepreneur/boozehound, presented by tiki savant/author/all-around authority Sven Kirsten, the cat responsible for Taschen must-haves Book of Tiki and the new Tiki Pop, America...…
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Calendar, Archive Golden Sombrero

Golden Sombrero

The Gun Club epitomized Los Angeles' early-'80s, postpunk vortex, and while the band's lurid, posthumous mystique centers on late singer Jeffrey Lee Pierce, guitarist Ward Dotson (featured on their first two albums) was co-architect of the band's jittery, provocative trashbeat sound. A brilliant yet low-key visionary, Dotson rocked on with...…
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Music, West Coast Sound The 10 Biggest Classic Rock Douchebags

The 10 Biggest Classic Rock Douchebags

While rock ‘n’ roll is necessarily classified as a form of pop music, it is actually an idiom whose radical, destructive primitivism established a new type of socio-cultural disorder. It’s about rejection of the status quo and celebration of the dis-imprisonment it instills. Always exploited for profit, rock’s unmanageable aspects...…
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Calendar, Archive Jesika Von Rabbit

Jesika Von Rabbit

Jesika Von Rabbit is perhaps California's ultimate postmodern, intergalactic pop provocateur. First thrust upon this unsuspecting world as co-founder of groundbreaking freakno rock oddballs Gram Rabbit, the buxotic blonde vixen became such an inescapable force in her Joshua Tree–adjacent headquarters that she even has her own menu item (Nachos Von...…
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Calendar, Archive Sly & Robbie

Sly & Robbie

Rarely has any rhythm section been blessed with the electrifying natural synchronicity that has always characterized drummer Sly Dunbar and bassist Robbie Shakespeare's ineffably appealing music. The dubwise duo first joined forces a lifetime ago in Kingston, and instantly began making significant contributions to dub and reggae during the idiom's...…
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Music, West Coast Sound The Time Johnny Cash Set Fire to a National Forest

The Time Johnny Cash Set Fire to a National Forest

Johnny Cash came to Southern California in 1958 after signing with Columbia. When he arrived, his good friend Merle Travis was waiting, along with labelmate Lefty Frizzell and a legion of Hollywood-based country performers. Cash resided first in Johnny Carson's former Encino digs before heading north to Ventura, where, for...…
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Calendar, Archive Billy Eli

Billy Eli

"Don't you worry about what we've got in Texas - worry about how much of it we've got," the late, great Ernest Tubb used to say, and country-rock seditionary Billy Eli brings bales of that stylish, Lone Star braggadocio. The Austin, Texas, honky-tonk swashbuckler is capable of hard-rocking derring-do, ribald,...…
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Music, West Coast Sound Charles Connor: The Rock and Roll Original

Charles Connor: The Rock and Roll Original

One of the fascinating Angelenos featured in L.A. Weekly's People 2014 issue. Check out our entire People 2014 issue.  Charles "Keep A-Knockin' " Connor was the drummer in Little Richard's first touring rock & roll band, The Upsetters. Upon their joining forces in 1953, Richard's frenzied performances and Connor's cataclysmic...…
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Calendar, Archive Colson Whitehead

Colson Whitehead

Author Colson Whitehead has an endless capacity for penetrating, downbeat observation, and his latest tome, The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky and Death, provides, from its opening salvo, a bounty of this dry style: "I have a good poker face," he writes, "because I am half-dead inside." The fruit of...…
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Calendar, Archive Sun Trash

Sun Trash

Sun Trash, the toxic, all-star rock & roll confection from stalwart underworld demons Sean Wheeler, Sexual Chocolate (aka Damian Edwards) and Lightnin' Woodcock, first erupted briefly in the late 2000s but has again recently burst from remission, like some ghastly virus. Break out the ear protection, kiddies, because, thanks to...…
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