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  • 16 years ago | Longform

    Like perhaps two-thirds of L.A., Junkyard Willie wants to be in movies. But unlike other aspiring egos, Willie isn’t even a real person. He‘s the audio-enhanced alter ego of a guy named RePete, who right now is standing in front of a mic...

  • 17 years ago
  • 20 years ago | Tech

    Art by Calef BrownONCE AGAIN, THE SAN FRANCISCO AND NEW YORK arbiters of Geek Chic have slighted their poorer relations down in Los Angeles. It wasn't an overt snubbing, or even an intentional one. It's just that last month's annual Webby Awards, ...

  • 20 years ago | Tech

    Illustration by Charise MericleTHE VANITY PLATES ON J. DAVID STEWART'S COLLECTIBLE sports cars announce where and how he plans to drive come the new millennium: Into "Y2CHAOS" (the plates on his 1969 Ferrari 365 GT exclaim), as "Y2KMAN" (the tags ...

  • 20 years ago


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