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  • 9 years ago | Film and TV

    When the films of Eric Rohmer were first shown, they must have appeared like nothing that had been seen in a cinema before: all talk and no action, without any reliance on genre conventions or attention-grabbing contrivances. Even the languorous w...

  • 10 years ago | Film and TV

    (Click to enlarge) Night and fog: The Man From London The title of Bela Tarr’s second feature, The Outsider (1981), could apply to almost every character in every one of his films. The doleful compassion always present in his work is most vi...

  • 10 years ago | Film and TV

    The Criterion Collection (Click to enlarge) Yojimbo When Sergio Leone shifted the action of Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo from a windswept silk-trading outpost to a sun-drenched Mexican border town, he ran a blade through the traditional Western, strip...

  • 10 years ago | Film and TV

    The late Russ Meyer was probably the only director whose works were equally at home in the art house and the porn theater, and in both venues the audience got a lot more than it anticipated. The presence of heroines with gravity-defying fun bags w...


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