Jim Thurman

Jim Thurman

Jim is a freelance writer whose work on food, local history and sports history has appeared in various publications. He has covered cuisines from many nations, but has specialized in regional Chinese cuisines. Jim loves stinky tofu and he's a Leo

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  • 1 month ago | Beverages

    Living in the Los Angeles area gives one ample opportunities to enjoy international food and drink of all types. When that comes to sodas, the scope of fizzy, sugary soft drinks available extends far beyond the joys of Mexican cane-sugar sodas fou...

  • 2 months ago | BBQ

    There are some of you who believe that California has little culinary heritage of its own, that traditions and dishes have been imported from elsewhere — much like yourselves. When barbecue comes up, you think Texas, the Deep South or Kansas City,...

  • 2 months ago

    Robots are taking on more and more tasks formerly done by human hands. For example, slicing noodles. Robot noodle slicers are a thing in China, but instead of applying for a passport to see one in action, you can just head to the eastern San Gabri...

  • 2 months ago

    Hong Kong cuisine has long blended traditional Cantonese styles with Western influences, as is especially apparent when it comes to desserts. At the four locations of Premier Dessert, you'll find classic Cantonese desserts alongside contemporary H...

  • 2 months ago

    With its blend of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences, Malaysian cuisine is one of the most unusual and fascinating in the world. It's also in short supply around Los Angeles. Enter PappaRich, a Malaysian chain with more than 100 outlets in 11 co...

  • 2 months ago

    To get some of the best Sri Lankan food in L.A., you need to get to Baja Sub. Wait — what? There's a logical explanation, though. Baja Sub was already established in the community when a Sri Lankan owner took over, and he simply added Sri La...


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