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  • 5 months ago

    Promotoras traditionally bring health education to the underserved neighborhoods where they live. Las Fotos Project's Digital Promotoras are also community ambassadors, but rather than providing medical resources they wield cameras — tools t...

  • 5 months ago

    For Skira Martinez, the founder of CIELO galleries/studios and its Liberation School, accessibility is not just about making sure people can get in the building — it's about ensuring folks have the means, ability and confidence to show up in...

  • 5 months ago | Longform

    Lorenza Arellano was wearing only undergarments when her body was found floating in Hollenbeck Lake. When Raquel Román first heard that a body had been found, she had a terrible feeling that she knew who it was. She called around to neighbors in B...

  • 10 months ago | People 2016

    Jennicet Gutiérrez had been living in fear most of her life. At 15, she crossed the border from Mexico to join her mother and eight siblings in the San Fernando Valley, and every time she had to apply for identification, she was terrified her undo...

  • 10 months ago | People 2016

    At the end of the first Star Wars film, Han Solo sends Darth Vader’s TIE fighter spinning off into space moments before Luke Skywalker fires the photon torpedoes that destroy the Death Star in an ellipsis of light. In 1977, as 7-year-old Cecil Cas...

  • 11 months ago | Culture

    I was reading Claudia Rankine’s book Citizen: An American Lyric in a hotel bar in downtown Los Angeles Saturday afternoon when I got a series of texts from my partner, who was in Ventura County, sitting by a lake and writing poetry. The police wer...


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