• @jenaardell
    27 May, 2018

    Nothing jogs the memory faster than the threat of having to add a capital letter, number, AND special character to your password reset.

  • @jenaardell
    26 May, 2018

    RT @Dazed: Exploring the most eccentric landscapes in Los Angeles Via @HungerMagazine: https://t.co/y4hqLUq4NJ https://t.co/D1xKfVaznl

  • @jenaardell
    25 May, 2018

    RT @kileynoodles: My daughter is looking for a summer job. She’s a millennial so she’s hoping to find part-time work as a CEO.

  • @jenaardell
    25 May, 2018

    RT @alcuinai: In 1993 Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol (the “Love Symbol”) during a contract dispute with Warner Bros.…

  • @jenaardell
    24 May, 2018

    @joiebutter @CNN Ugggggh 😫😤😡


Jena Ardell


Photographer who shoots pretty girls, retro scenes, and rockstars. Sometimes I write. Sometimes I draw.

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