• @jenaardell
    31 August, 2016

    The result of a late-night Walmart run. 🙃 https://t.co/tcjPsHchhZ

  • @jenaardell
    31 August, 2016

    @catherinebuca I've always said Let-oh. 💁

  • @jenaardell
    31 August, 2016

    "Is it Jared Lee-toe or Jared Let-toe? He's on a magazine cover now & every time I walk by it, I think of how handsome he looks." -My mother

  • @jenaardell
    31 August, 2016

    Damn. This was my go-to post promenade spot. 😥 https://t.co/PmRvImhtXH

  • @jenaardell
    31 August, 2016

    RT @jalbus: i wonder if 90 year olds look back at their 80 year old self and are like omg i was soooo annoying back then


Jena Ardell

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