Jemayel Khawaja

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  • 2 years ago | EDM

    Los Angeles has cemented its reputation as a hub for forward-facing dance music. Right in the mix of things is DJ AC Slater, whose monthly Night Bass event at Sound in Hollywood has piqued the attentions of tastemakers around the nation....

  • The Mowgli's, a rowdy brigade of mostly San Fernando Valley natives, are currently weaving their way westward in the midst of a hectic fall tour. It's been a a whirlwind year and a half for the octet. Their song "San Francisco" became a viral hit,...

  • 3 years ago | EDM

    The term bass music is a catch-all for darker, urban breakbeat electronic music styles that include drum n' bass, dubstep, trap and some of the more aggressive takes on electro. The phrase only came into use recently but has quickly become the acc...

  • 3 years ago | Music Bidness

    You've heard of rap music ghostwriters, right? The guys who pen the words someone else performs, and get no credit for it? A similar phenomenon is taking place in electronic dance music. In fact, a significant number of famous DJs aren't responsib...


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