• @jemayelk
    23 January, 2018

    An amazing day for weird news. Did you know that the guy who played Barney runs a tantric sex therapy business? Or… https://t.co/jqGMzkTkYA

  • @jemayelk
    14 January, 2018


  • @jemayelk
    15 December, 2017

    Don't miss 'Bright,' a buddy cop comedy starring Will Smith and The Night King! https://t.co/DQzWq0w46P

  • @jemayelk
    22 November, 2017

    I dare you to look at the Joe Barton nude.

  • @jemayelk
    15 November, 2017

    When Google Docs is down, my whole world falls apart...


Jemayel Khawaja

Jemayel Khawaja

Jemayel Khawaja is Editor-at-Large at Thump and founder of Black Circle Media.

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