• @JasonRocheLAW
    8 February, 2016

    Hot Wing Hangover.

  • @JasonRocheLAW
    7 February, 2016

    Dammit, who the fuck let Jean Ralphio be the musical guest on SNL last night?

  • @JasonRocheLAW
    5 February, 2016

    Looking forward to digging into the 12-page newspaper that accompanies the new Graf Orlock album over the weekend https://t.co/bxX2N9X6ja

  • @JasonRocheLAW
    4 February, 2016

    @GONSZO had no idea how young Axl Rotten was. Wild that he was basically out of wrestling - save for one-shots - by the time he was 30.

  • @JasonRocheLAW
    4 February, 2016

    @GONSZO felt like what I imagine it would have been like to see Motley Crue at the Whisky in 82 before they exploded worldwide.


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