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  • 2 months ago | Culture

    The distinctive U.S. Bank Tower is the tallest building in town (at least until next year), and now new owner OUE has opened Skyspace, an attraction that includes Skyslide, a 45-foot-long, glass-and-steel tube that winds around the outside of the ...

  • 4 months ago | People 2016

    Sitting outside the Central Library sipping coffee, Amy Inouye calculates the number of photos in the library’s archive. “It’s 3½ million, no ­— nearer to 4 million,” she says. “The collection is mostly about L.A. and all its nooks and crannies.” ...

  • 4 months ago | People 2016

    Driving south down La Brea, it’s impossible to miss the crazy carnival of ephemera at the corner of West First Street. The huge, mazelike home and its lot are brimming with movie souvenirs, casino slots, unusual props, strange toys, fairground cur...

  • 4 months ago | Crime

    As all armchair detectives know, the small but vital clue that'll crack a mystery is often hidden in plain sight, and through May 31 in the Treasure Room at the Doheny Memorial Library at USC, the exhibition “True Crime” is showcasing many pieces ...

  • 5 months ago | Culture

    Located near the corner of Beverly Boulevard and Hayworth Avenue in Beverly Grove, the Photo Center is a relic from the past, a time capsule stacked with super 8 and 16mm projectors and envelopes full of developed photographs that were never retri...

  • 6 months ago | Art

    Sugar (and its many derivatives and alternates) is in almost everything we eat and drink, yet originally it was something that only the aristocratic elite could afford — and they often commissioned elaborate sugar and food sculptures to brazenly d...


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