Henry Sheehan

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  • 13 years ago | Film and TV

    “I have come here just now, to sit with you. I am sitting, I’m relaxed. But really, I can’t relax. All I can do is run. That’s all I know how to do. From the time I was little, I’ve run. That’s what I do.” The sp...

  • 13 years ago | Film and TV

    For those who like their Hong Kong movies to come at them straight from the shoulder — rather than in a series of snaky jabs, à la Wong Kar-Wai — Fulltime Killer fulfills all the conventions of raw Cantonese gun opera. One scene s...

  • 13 years ago | Film and TV

    WRITER-DIRECTOR ALEXANDER (NÉE ALEKSANDR) Sokurov — a perennial presence at major film festivals with such recent work as Taurus (2000), Moloch (1999) and, screening this weekend at LACMA, Mother and Son (1996)(see Calendar Film Pick ...


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