• @g_sny
    21 February, 2018

    RT @andrewkeh: I was tweeting about food too much at the Olympics so they made me write about it https://t.co/782FQNWlT2

  • @g_sny
    18 February, 2018

    @reechardparks A story in two acts

  • @g_sny
    17 February, 2018

    RT @jonkauffman: Angelenos, I'm going to be appearing at @lastbookstorela on Monday, March 5, at 7:30 pm, talking about hippie food, Gypsy…

  • @g_sny
    15 February, 2018

    @hels It’s sandwiches all the way down!

  • @g_sny
    9 February, 2018

    @mattatouille Moved up from those Wilton and Wilshire days!


Garrett Snyder

Garrett Snyder

Garrett Snyder is a food writer and cookbook author based in Los Angeles whose work has appeared in outlets such as the L.A. Times, Los Angeles magazine, Tasting Table, Punch, GQ and KCRW. He enjoys tiki drinks and Taco Tuesdays.

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    One of L.A.'s most visceral food pleasures involves driving a few miles southeast of USC, where two of the city's best taco vendors — Tacos los Poblanos Estilo Tijuana at Avalon and Slauson, and the colloquially named Tire Shop Taqueria on A...

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    The lesson here: good things happen near (open) borders.

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    With these restaurants and many others, Los Angeles proved once again in 2016 that it's up to the task of maintaining its newfound respect in the culinary world, and can easily retain the title of America's most interesting dining scene.

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    In a seemingly unremarkable strip-mall restaurant, three blocks south of the tourist-mobbed clusterfuck that is Hollywood and Highland, sits a hypnotizing, Phuket-style curry brimming with blue crab. Adapted from a recipe by co-owner Noree Pla's m...

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    In its first five days of business in April, Howlin' Ray's sold more than 1,500 pounds of hot chicken. Inside the cramped brick-and-mortar location of the popular Nashville-inspired fried chicken food truck, you'll find a few counters, a handful o...


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