• @Erikabolden
    25 July, 2016

    Blind date with a book: the most enchanting package job since Tillamook's baby loaf. @ Santa… https://t.co/goUtGHpT4F

  • @Erikabolden
    21 June, 2016

    Elon Musk's rocket ship deliveries are making it really hard to drop kids at parkour class. #firstworldproblems #spacex

  • @Erikabolden
    15 June, 2016

    There are two season in SoCal: fogged in and on fire. #junegloom

  • @Erikabolden
    7 June, 2016

    Is the purpose of #nationaljerkyday to promote awareness and protection of America's favorite dried meat snack? Plz walk me thru this one.

  • @Erikabolden
    5 June, 2016

    I take my coffee like I take my towns -- a little precious and a little pretentious. #SLOhttps://t.co/iCoIB9NNTL


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