• @dennisjromero
    26 July, 2016

    RT @LAPDChiefBeck: After meeting with injured @LAPDSoutheast Officer, I'm in awe of courage displayed.Expected to make a full recovery and…

  • @dennisjromero
    26 July, 2016

    RT @ABC7: #Watts UPDATE: LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says he's on his way to the hospital to check on officer injured near 111th St and Antwerp.

  • @dennisjromero
    26 July, 2016

    RT @MattHjourno: UPDATE: Prelim report: officers “stumbled into a shooting in progress and a gun battle ensued” (w/ @lacrimes) https://t.…

  • @dennisjromero
    26 July, 2016

    @maximumpunk @CHeller0209 wtf are you talking about? You mean stay and take your ass whooping then we'll trust you?!

  • @dennisjromero
    26 July, 2016

    RT @CHeller0209: throwing stuff at my crew's truck. they're packing up now. https://t.co/XHgO9rZEmK


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    A plan to tax recreational marijuana locally, should it be legalized by California voters in November, is now being taken off the shelf. L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, who proposed the 10 percent tax on the gross receipts of pot bu...

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    Nearly 800 animals, including horses and livestock, have been evacuated from the Sand Fire zone of Northern Los Angeles County. The creatures have been transported to the Antelope Valley Fair Grounds, Hansen Dam and Pierce College. The latter...

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    California's potent police associations say marijuana legalization is bad for all of us. But those most concerned with our health, doctors, are endorsing a bid to legitimize the use of recreational pot. Today the California Academy of Preventive M...

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    Fifteen-hundred dollars still sounds like a lot of money. But by most estimates we've seen, that's actually below the median monthly rate for even a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles.  In fact, last month Apartment List pegged our market's...

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    Of course America's worst freeway commute is in Los Angeles. A new Auto Insurance Center analysis of data — from the U.S. Census Bureau, the 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard, the INRIX 2015 Traffic Scorecard and the U.S. Energy Information ...

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    Too often South L.A. and black L.A. are seen as the same thing. They are not.  The term "South L.A." was coined in the wake of the 1992 riots; before then, much of the city south of the 10 freeway was referred to as South-Central Los Angeles....


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