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  • 9 hours ago | Crime

    Echo Park might be an epicenter of nightlife and gentrification, but it still has its share of crime. Over the weekend at least one gang cop patrolling the area opened fire on a suspect police allege had a gun. It happened after midnight yesterday...

  • 16 hours ago | Election

    Before Angelenos head to the polls on Nov. 8, we are breaking down the ballot into some quick reads to get you up to speed on what's up for a vote. Read more about the other propositions here. Proposition 63: Voter Approval for Big Borrowing For d...

  • 17 hours ago | Traffic

    If Donald Trump is elected (okay, stop laughing), you just might miss the aggravating days of Obamajam. Of course, a true Obamajam is a rare thing — a myth, really, created by overzealous street closures during POTUS's visit and a lot of grip...

  • 3 days ago | Celebrities

    Despite his private-jet-using ways, Leonardo DiCaprio fancies himself a major environmentalist, and he enjoys lecturing the world on how important the issue is to human survival. During his Academy Award acceptance speech this year, the L.A. ...

  • 3 days ago | Alcohol & Spirits

    It was hot today, but the Los Angeles Police Department will bring the real heat this weekend with a pre-Halloween DUI crackdown. Party people should beware: One of the targets is Hollywood. The LAPD says it wants you to know the time and location...

  • 4 days ago | Transportation

    Those television commercials offering accident forgiveness to drivers who otherwise had spotless records sound enticing. But under Proposition 103, approved by voters in 1988, it's not legal in the Golden State. Though the add-on programs offer fo...


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