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  • 1 day ago | Race & Ethnicity

    Pro golf remains as one of the last high-profile holdouts in a cascade of businesses and organizations that have cut ties with Donald Trump over his assertion that Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists. Although October's PGA Grand Slam of ...

  • Here's how one midsummer's nightmare goes: You're driving along after you had too many drinks and you see flashing blue and red lights in your rear view mirror. Woop-woop. You end up in handcuffs, and soon you're behind bars being asked what neigh...

  • 2 days ago | Earthquake

    We've been telling you this for three years now: The West Coast actually has a rudimentary earthquake warning system that could give us a precious 90 seconds of warning before the Big One arrives. Lives could be saved. And during those years the f...

  • 2 days ago | Education

    Despite our air-headed reputation, greater L.A. has no shortage of great institutions of higher learning. In recent years the British publication Times Higher Education has named Pasadena's Caltech the best university on the planet. UCLA and ...

  • 3 days ago | Environment

    By now most of you probably agree that global warming is a matter of scientific fact. Where the slope gets slippery is when armchair meteorologists try to figure out what, exactly, this warm-up is doing to our day-to-day weather. Blame a heat wave...

  • 3 days ago | Economy

    Los Angeles certainly has played its role in the gotta-have-it ethos of American capitalism. Imagery blasted by Hollywood and the music industry can make some goods appear to be needs rather than wants. On the other hand, L.A is an immigration mec...


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