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  • 3 hours ago | Sports

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship can trace its beginnings, at least in part, to organized bar fights in the California desert. So that the sport would be aligned with the nationalist politics of Donald Trump isn't exactly surprising. Trump ...

  • 4 hours ago | Drugs

    Adverse reactions to a drug in downtown Los Angeles this week sent 14 people to hospitals. And sadly, we all know that overdose deaths are an almost inevitable part of the Southern California rave scene. Recreational drugs are all around us, espec...

  • 19 hours ago | Animal Welfare

    In spring, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) revealed its latest numbers on people living on the streets in the county. Homelessness increased  5.7 percent since the previous year, and the number of folks living in ...

  • 1 day ago | Crime

    An Echo Park mother was in jail overnight after she was arrested for alleged child endangerment, authorities said. The 11-year-old son of suspect Veronica Aguilar was found dead on Monday, they said. It's not clear how the boy died, but cops ...

  • 1 day ago | Traffic

    It was recently named America's most-packed roadway by the Auto Insurance Center. So of course state officials want to shut portions of the 101 down for three early mornings — maybe more — starting at 12:01 a.m. Monday and extending through 5...

  • 2 days ago | Drugs

    "The spice must flow" was the mantra underscoring David Lynch's 1984 movie Dune. But here in Los Angeles, another kind of spice is flowing on downtown's Skid Row. And it's sending people to hospitals. Yesterday, 14 people in the area of 429 E. Fif...


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