• @dennisjromero
    31 August, 2016

    Pretty sure an evil billionaire who sneaks undocumented supermodels into NYC is the plot of the next Zoolander film https://t.co/6T8klB59SK

  • @dennisjromero
    31 August, 2016

    RT @MoralesApolonio: .@realDonaldTrump outlined the perfect plan to alienate 27 million Latino voters tonight.

  • @dennisjromero
    31 August, 2016

    Never go full Pete Wilson #Trump #GOP #Prop187 #California

  • @dennisjromero
    31 August, 2016

    Trump's pivot was a fake, and he took hatred to the rim

  • @dennisjromero
    31 August, 2016

    RT @NateSilver538: Conversely, Trump had been gaining ground amid attempted "pivot", however clumsily it had been executed. Maybe correlatiā€¦


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