• @dennisjromero
    30 July, 2015

    The many ways ecstasy kills (not 'bad batch' or adulterated, just MDMA), by actual medical researchers http://t.co/j9orJAhZ2i

  • @dennisjromero
    30 July, 2015

    Description of two missing Special Olympics athletes is straight out of an 80s movie ... https://t.co/xh21iSOVAZ

  • @dennisjromero
  • @dennisjromero
    30 July, 2015

    @AndreaDomanick 'The general opinion of Ecstasy’s reputed safety should be corrected ... This myth is perpetuated by the media.'

  • @dennisjromero
    30 July, 2015

    @AndreaDomanick many of the coroner's death say 'toxicity.' In fact the stuff it's 'replaced with' is often less harmful. No. 1 caffeine


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