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  • 10 hours ago | Alcohol & Spirits

    You'd think after last week's massive Super Bowl weekend DUI crackdown that cops would give it a break already. No timeouts here. The Los Angeles Police Department is back on the case just in time for Valentine's weekend. You know what's not sexy?...

  • 11 hours ago | Raves

    A teenage raver who perished after attending the Hard Summer festival in Pomona died from MDMA "intoxication," a coroner's official said today. No other drugs were mentioned in the toxicology report for 18-year-old Tracy Nguyen of West Covina, he ...

  • 14 hours ago | Economy

    A new report by real estate listings site Trulia asks the question, "Who Lost the American Dream?" The answer, it seems, is Latinos and millennials. The site says it looked at American Community Survey data, including income levels, renting a...

  • 21 hours ago | Porn

    The industry denied it for years. Sure, there are porn stars who have contracted HIV, but never on-set, at least not since 2004. The business argued that it's twice-a-month STD testing for performers, though voluntary, has worked to keep on-set ou...

  • 2 days ago | Weather

    We wouldn't blame you for thinking that maybe El Niño has abandoned us. Record high temperatures punctuated an unusual February heat wave this week, and cooling but still above-normal temps were expected through the beginning of next week, fo...

  • 2 days ago | Sex Crimes

    Saying that a targeted massage parlors "exploit women," City Attorney Mike Feuer this week announced a crackdown against a "ring" of such businesses. Prostitution enterprises allegedly posing as massage parlors? In Los Angeles? Say it ain't so. Th...


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