• @dennisjromero
    27 August, 2016

    'Asians are more objectively superior to whites and certainly athletically blacks are probably superior to whites' https://t.co/tyDnXkB9rR

  • @dennisjromero
    27 August, 2016

    RT @LAFDtalk: #Shoutout @LAFDvalley FS107 #Chatsworth for rescue of 80+lb tortoise from deep end of the pool. (tortoise=land not water!) #W

  • @dennisjromero
    27 August, 2016

    RT @Venice311: According to caller, the white car was a BMW and someone calling saying there is a victim down but the airship doesn’t see a…

  • @dennisjromero
    27 August, 2016

    RT @Venice311: Village Ln is over by that new fancy schmancy WhoFo off Jefferson. Male black was shooter per multiple calls. Male Hispanic…

  • @dennisjromero
    27 August, 2016

    RT @Venice311: So it’s Village, not Milwood… and I guess there is a whole little shooting situation going down. No word on vics yet. White…


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  • 2 days ago | Drugs

    Synthetic marijuana has been wreaking havoc on downtown L.A.'s Skid Row. Just this week, it has been suspected in 14 hospitalizations. Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch Englander has had enough and he plans to propose a city ban on the substance, ...

  • 2 days ago | Alcohol & Spirits

    Even though the last full day of summer is Sept. 21, the Los Angeles Police Department's "end of summer" DUI crackdown kicks off tonight. Cops are gearing up for the season's traditional closing holiday, Labor Day, Sept 5. That means that extra co...

  • 2 days ago | Housing

    L.A.'s housing crisis is epic. A UCLA report a few years back said we had the least-affordable rents in the nation when adjusting for our sad median income of about $28,000 a year for one. Meanwhile, our apartment vacancy rate is a low three perce...

  • 3 days ago | Murder

    An Echo Park mother was charged today with suspicion of murder and child abuse after her 11-year-old son was found lifeless in a closet in her home, prosecutors announced. Thirty-nine-year-old Veronica Aguilar was arrested Monday after cops found ...

  • 3 days ago | Sports

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship can trace its beginnings, at least in part, to organized bar fights in the California desert. So that the sport would be aligned with the nationalist politics of Donald Trump isn't exactly surprising. Trump ...

  • 3 days ago | Drugs

    Adverse reactions to a drug in downtown Los Angeles this week sent 14 people to hospitals. And sadly, we all know that overdose deaths are an almost inevitable part of the Southern California rave scene. Recreational drugs are all around us, espec...


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