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  • 2 hours ago | Sports

    L.A is officially the U.S. Olympic Committee's choice to take on the American bid for the 2024 Olympics, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today from the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica. The L.A. City Council voted unanimously earlier ...

  • 6 hours ago | Community

    Los Angeles is running out of new phone numbers for the area code that covers the west-of-downtown core of this metropolis. We're talking, of course, about 323. "The 323 area code is expected to use up all the available prefixes by March 2018," st...

  • 7 hours ago | LGBT

    A man who spit on a transgender woman at Target in Glendale was charged recently with suspicion of hate crime and assault. It wasn't necessarily the spitting that got him in trouble, however, a Glendale police spokeswoman told us. The victim, a 45...

  • 8 hours ago | WTF

    The folks who brought Donald Trump to the Luxe Sunset Boulevard hotel in Brentwood earlier this summer hosted right-wing extremist Mark Steyn and, yes, Sarah Palin, over the weekend. We're billing Steyn first here because Palin simply sat in ...

  • 24 hours ago | Immigration

    With a backdrop of illegal immigration as a top national political issue, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency today said it had swept up 244 people in Southern California who are here illegally and who are either crimina...

  • 1 day ago | Transportation

    Bike sharing is officially coming to downtown Los Angeles next year. The Los Angeles City Council recently voted to approve a program that will have City Hall partner with Metro, the transportation agency, in order to bring 1,090 bicycles to more ...


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