• @dennisjromero
    3 September, 2015

    Working on some spec slogans in case the veep jumps into the race. 'Joe Biden: Who said that? Did you say that? I didn't say that. 2016.'

  • @dennisjromero
    3 September, 2015

    When I was a boy my dad taught me: scapegoating Latinos is a political tradition. Except now we can decide an election #sorrynotsorry

  • @dennisjromero
    3 September, 2015

    Chargers, Raiders on local TV. News tease on Carson's stadium plan. Commentary about new SF stadium. Coincidence? NFL priming LA?

  • @dennisjromero
    3 September, 2015

    28 y.o, pulled from water at 1900 OFW Venice in cardiac arrest; transported in 'grave' condition per @LAFD

  • @dennisjromero
    3 September, 2015

    Mayor @ericgarcetti and Chief @LAPDChiefBeck will talk body cams at a 10 a.m. presser Fri. http://t.co/jhGSfPaM3e http://t.co/SciojyOnNu


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