• @blackloveglobal
    9 October, 2015

    If you cloned Lee Harvey Oswald, would that be a dupe of a dupe?

  • @blackloveglobal
    8 October, 2015

    @mrpaulrudd Please oh please will you christen @EvangelineLilly The Flying Wasp?

  • @blackloveglobal
    7 October, 2015

    @Pontifex When you're conducting services, do you ever slip in a little Pig Latin just to see if people are paying attention?

  • @blackloveglobal
    5 October, 2015

    I wonder if grave robbers do unboxing videos.

  • @blackloveglobal
    4 October, 2015

    From the Holocaust to Viagra - great transition, guys! @60Minutes



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