Daiana Feuer


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  • 9 months ago | Rock

    Three girls wearing leather capes and a mysterious man appear in the parking lot shadows of a haunted, desolate desert dive bar, like bats swooping in from a hunt. Taking human shape as they approach, the full moon clarifies their silhouettes and ...

  • 11 months ago | Indie Rock and Stuff

    Sitting on a leather couch in a stark waiting room overlooking Radio Shack at a strip mall on Vermont Avenue, I can’t stop stroking my mustache. I’ve only worn a fake mustache once before and it ended in a bar fight. Sporting a ’stache of her own,...

  • At his best, Elvis Presley was a hip-thrusting, soft-lipped, snarling rock star who almost single-handedly corrupted 1950s youth culture with a perfect pompadour of black hair, long sideburns and a swinging pelvis. And he loved his mama. At his wo...

  • 4 years ago | Last Night

    Justin Bieber Staples Center 6/24/13 Better than... playing with Barbies. What does the Bieber key, an image looming on a giant screen over the audience of girls wearing matching outfits with their friends, signify? Before one could figure it out,...

  • 6 years ago

    Kate Bush is one of the most important female musicians of all time. As an innovator and producer of her own sound, she's sort of like the female Prince. It's about the unitard. It's about her googly eyeballs and interpretative dance moves, her mu...

  • 6 years ago | Festivals

    So the world didn't end on Saturday. And from the looks of this kid in the picture, he would have been very disappointed if the Rapture had taken place and he never got his chance to play at the Silver Lake Jubilee in around 18 years. He thought t...


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