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  • 12 years ago | Books

    It has been nine years since Charles Frazier’s greatly acclaimed and wildly successful debut, Cold Mountain — a novel read and admired not only by fiction lovers but by readers more given to reading history. Thirteen Moons, his long-aw...

  • 12 years ago
  • 12 years ago | Books

    Fans of David Mitchell’s challenging and complex fiction will be surprised, perhaps, by the comparatively small scale and straightforward narrative of his new novel, Black Swan Green, which follows on the heels of his wildly acclaimed Cloud ...

  • 13 years ago | Books

    Photo by Erin KunkelTo judge by the summer’s most-hyped fiction by America’s young men — Nick McDonell’s The Third Brother and Benjamin Kunkel’s Indecision — the rising generation is in mild crisis. Said crisis stems ...

  • 13 years ago | Books

    Photo by Anne FishbeinIt is almost impossible to write about this book — especially now. Joan Didion’s memoir, spare and wholly unsentimental, recounts the events surrounding and following the death of her husband, John Gregory Dunne, fr...

  • 13 years ago | Books

    Illustration by Ronald KurniawanA long time ago, when I was in college, I asked a friend — not an especially close one, mind you — if he thought I was weird. My voice doubtless betrayed both anxiety and eagerness. He paused, then replied...


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