• @chrstnchiao
    6 October, 2015

    Map this: Iconic #LongBeach #restaurants via @KCETFood http://t.co/JNONho6U1g (Wasn't easy to lock down given plenty of worthy contenders)

  • @chrstnchiao
    29 September, 2015

    And then there are #tofu #donuts, when you think you've tried all the donuts that LA has to offer, via @LAWeeklyFood http://t.co/h2onq6AmRQ

  • @chrstnchiao
    24 September, 2015

    @veganDOTsupport Thanks! I'll check it out.

  • @chrstnchiao
    22 September, 2015

    I don't get why an $8+ avocado toast persists as a menu offering. Often, it tastes like a scam -- edible flowers and all.

  • @chrstnchiao
    21 September, 2015

    Trying this again: Noticing quite a few cafes/delis/markets don't seem to be concerned when flies get all over their pastries. 😕


Christine Chiao

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