• @cgwagley
    25 May, 2018

    "Mr. Vergne, who was traveling in Berlin on Friday, was unavailable for comment." https://t.co/G5iCMp7PFU @jorifinkel

  • @cgwagley
    24 May, 2018

    Frida and Jacqueline Breton: "their relationship was characterized more by absence than presence. Kahlo’s passionat… https://t.co/nh3h15diId

  • @cgwagley
    22 May, 2018

    omg, 'He was “enslaved” to her own sense of victimization, he wrote. They separated in 1963, but Ms. Williams refus… https://t.co/PZZghWRN5P

  • @cgwagley
    7 May, 2018

    "In another case, officials investigated Twitter threats to both Pruitt and Senator Mitch McConnell...and found the… https://t.co/xc3oEd3zHY

  • @cgwagley
    6 May, 2018

    Meret Oppenheim to Harald S.: "We should have talked about it more...A ‘femme fatale’ is a woman who is totally ori… https://t.co/pN1wRZT593


Catherine Wagley

Catherine Wagley

Catherine Wagley writes about art and visual culture in Los Angeles.

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