• @cgwagley
    9 March, 2017

    so it's balance: "'Crimes of Passion' tells...stories of killers, trying to explain how..normal individuals lose enough balance to commit.."

  • @cgwagley
    2 March, 2017

    @sarahbaygachot not bad prospect, not at all, tho takin 45 loosely https://t.co/GYcFHV0hoz

  • @cgwagley
    25 February, 2017

    sentence #1 @cjr: "FOR 30 ALANA MASSEY LOOKS NEITHER haggard nor old.This was my 1st thought" alludes 2 her self-deprecation prob/still, WTF

  • @cgwagley
    20 February, 2017

    "Leonora Carrington was not interested in the writings of Sigmund Freud, as were other Surrealists." Wikipedia, under "Themes Major Works"

  • @cgwagley
    17 February, 2017

    O dear, George Lucas -- https://t.co/E6EXqBQq8U


Catherine Wagley


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