• @cgwagley
    11 November, 2017

    George also told Dickens' daughter that history wld not look kindly on Dickens' treatment of… https://t.co/HO6ztPUePU

  • @cgwagley
    10 November, 2017

    "The award does not need to be structured in a manner that implies a sense of competition between people who are no… https://t.co/tBk2qfz4m6

  • @cgwagley
    7 November, 2017

    RT @laphdj: Hannah Arendt knew it. https://t.co/M3zoHYElyK

  • @cgwagley
    3 November, 2017

    me too -- supportive subscriber ---- https://t.co/htqW0hYm2X

  • @cgwagley
    23 October, 2017

    sculpture of humanoid copulating w 4-leg animal tribute 2 "ingenuity, the creativity...persistence of humans to change the world” PRspeak?


Catherine Wagley

Catherine Wagley

Catherine Wagley writes about art and visual culture in Los Angeles.

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