• @cgwagley
    26 November, 2015

    (I mean, very glad for database)

  • @cgwagley
    26 November, 2015

    So terrifying to live in world where this is legit headline: "Black British artists to be written into art history" https://t.co/oRVBRqUUyG

  • @cgwagley
    19 November, 2015

    Okay, sometimes Ryan Adams singing Taylor Swift sounds like Bruce Springsteen.

  • @cgwagley
    15 November, 2015

    @cmonstah @MOCAlosangeles me too.

  • @cgwagley
    9 November, 2015

    Oh, gosh, the youtube vid the streams right after the one abt Pope.L's Cleveland pull project is abt how Prince William is the antichrist.


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