• @cgwagley
    23 August, 2015

    Frequently bought together, Amazon tells me: Katie Roiphe's "The Morning After" & Chester Himes' "If He Hollers Let Him Go." *Hope*it's true

  • @cgwagley
    18 August, 2015

    So many women on the walls. https://t.co/NdwSmkesHN

  • @cgwagley
    16 August, 2015

    obsessed w/line from Julian Bond NYT obit: "He attracted adjectives—dashing, handsome, urbane—the way some people attract money." #economics

  • @cgwagley
    9 August, 2015

    Masha Gessen, marriage strangeness: "movement of history is an awesome thing to behold but a pain to try to explain" http://t.co/quQdOYf6i8

  • @cgwagley
    6 August, 2015

    What got me rereading Stegner: "How Abstract Art Can Help You Appreciate Your New, Ugly Brown Lawn" http://t.co/ntJAQdHQbj via @LAWeeklyArts


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