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  • It's almost impossible to dislike Chris Colfer, the young Glee star who wrote and stars in the high school comedy Struck by Lightning, which plays like a cheerful gay Revenge of the Nerds. However, never having seen...

  • If you don't have the patience for Cloud Atlas's six plots in three hours, how about two in two? This mushy, mystical French-Canadian melodrama tries to make parallel a pair of love stories: one between preteens with Down syndrome in 1969...

  • "This is my day!" a Spanish bride declares at her wedding reception, and she will not have it spoiled by zombies crashing the party. By the time she gets all Buffy on their undead asses, half her family has been turned into flesh-eating ghouls,...

  • 6 years ago | Film and TV

    Click here for "Liam Neeson: Evolution of a Badass," by Eric Hynes. I was told there would be more wolf-punching in The Grey. If you crash Liam Neeson and six disposable buddies in the frozen Alaskan wilderness, there is the expectation — na...

  • 6 years ago | Film and TV

    The hero of the red-herring heist flick Man on a Ledge draws two reactions from the Manhattan throng beneath his 21st-floor perch on a midtown hotel. The first, of course, is the predictable "just get it over with" impatience of New Yorkers impede...

  • 7 years ago | Film and TV

    A courtier, errand boy, master sound technician, and Steinway rep all rolled into one, Stefan Knüpfer has the unenviable task of catering to the whims and ears of international piano divas. Yet as this politely smiling, endlessly patient Germ...


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