• @semneb
    19 January, 2017

    The 2 greatest successes of the modern city are the normalization of recycling and our profound respect for the sanctity of the carpool lane

  • @semneb
    18 January, 2017

    @dingyu to be fair, hours are short and the exterior doesn't do a lot to pull you in... But it's worth a stop if you're out that way again!

  • @semneb
    18 January, 2017

    I love the sloppy, rich, ridiculous, amazing little BBQ sandwiches at Pecos Bill's. My latest for @latimesfood: https://t.co/q3niMPlWwW

  • @semneb
    17 January, 2017

    RT @latimesfood: One of this city's great pulled pork sandwiches is at a 70-year-old shack in Glendale https://t.co/ZHOaQKYPlg

  • @semneb
    6 January, 2017

    Fooled again by the shitty taco truck on my block. Feel like Tom Cruise early on in Edge of Tomorrow.


Ben Mesirow


Ben Mesirow is a Northeast L.A. native who writes food, sports, and fiction. You can find his writing at the L.A. Weekly, L.A. Times, and ClipperBlog, and at one point or another his work has appeared in Litro, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and Beer Paper L.A. He has had at least one portmanteau edited out of most of his published pieces.

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