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  • 13 years ago | Books

    Photo by Vincent LaforetDoes there exist a literary icon more thoroughly American than the California gumshoe? Marked (or scarred) by a self-created solitude and forever operating along that wavering line between established order and an improvise...

  • 13 years ago | Books

    Illustration by John E. MinerThe opening scene of Francine Prose’s new novel is pretty irresistible: A tense, duffel-bag-carrying skinhead walks out of the sweltering Manhattan heat into the cool, elegant midtown offices of a Jewish-run human...

  • 14 years ago | Books

    The most frequently invoked American cliché of the last few years might be exceedingly simple-minded, but it also has the benefit of being true: 9/11 was the day that changed the world forever. In his latest collection of short fiction, Bar...

  • 14 years ago
  • 14 years ago | Books

    Critics praised Canadian poet Michael Redhill’s debut novel, Martin Sloane (2002), as “elegant,” “thoughtful,” “lyrical” — plaudits that, while justified, suggest an aesthetic more attuned to the intellect t...

  • 14 years ago | Books

    Loyalty. Power. Love. Betrayal. Like all great writers, John Le Carré sticks to the classic grand themes. And, like his fellow masters of the espionage thriller, in each new work he returns to those themes with new questions, grounding his ...


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