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  • 18 years ago | L.A. Restaurants

    Ah, family values. Somehow an engagement is never so official, turning 75 nowhere near such an achievement, the reunion not anything like as warm, unless the occasion has been anointed with the blood of rare-cooked beef and the gut-fluttering sacr...

  • 18 years ago | L.A. Restaurants

    At about the same moment that gray was becoming the new black -- though with far less fanfare -- caramel was becoming the new chocolate. It was taking over as the perker-upper of innumerable cappuccinos, as the zigzag trim drizzled across a plate ...

  • 18 years ago | Books

    Like fishermen, writers and scholars are highly susceptible to the belief that something really huge -- call it a meta-fish -- is lurking out there among the eddies; a catch that, if only one is patient enough to snag it, will make sense of the wh...

  • 18 years ago | L.A. Restaurants With the shape of a mule’s ear and crinkles worthy of an elephant‘s hide, the dusky blue-black vegetable aptly nicknamed dinosaur kale seems unlikely to inspire passion. And yet this ancient Tuscan member of the cabba...

  • 18 years ago | L.A. Restaurants

    The designated brew person at the Los Feliz Coffee Bean bobbed his head and timed his stirring to a ska beat. ”Chai?“ He caught my eye and screwed the cardboard cup into its waffle sleeve. I nodded. ”This one‘s gonna be really ...


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